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    Week 1: Overview (Transcript) Paid Member

      Eight Worldly Concerns – Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo Week 1 – Overview   "Good morning to everybody. It is a good morning, it is the first time we have seen the skies since we got to New York.  More »
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    Green Koans 45: The Perfection of Wisdom in One Letter Paid Member

    CASE #45:    The Perfection of Wisdom in One Letter Homage to the Perfection of Wisdom!Thus have I heard. At one time the Lord dwelt at Rājagriha, on Vulture Peak, together with a large congregation of monks, and with many hundreds of thousands of niyutas of kotis of Bodhisattvas. At that time the Lord addressed the Venerable Ananda, and said: “Ananda, do receive, for the sake of the wellbeing and happiness of all beings, this perfection of wisdom in the letter A.”Thus spoke the Lord. The Venerable Ananda, the large congregation of monks, the assembly of the Bodhisattvas, and the whole world with its gods, men, asuras and gandharvas rejoiced at the teaching of the Lord. More »
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    Green Koans Case 44: On Killing Paid Member

    CASE #44:    On KillingGasan instructed his adherents one day: “Those who speak against killing and who desire to spare the lives of all conscious beings are right. It is good to protect even animals and insects. But what about those persons who kill time, what about those who are destroying wealth, and those who destroy political economy? We should not overlook them. Furthermore, what of the one who preaches without enlightenment? He is killing Buddhism.”BACKGROUND:Gasan     Gasan Jōseki (1275–1366) was a Japanese Soto Zen master. A disciple of Keizan Jokin, his disciples included the great Rinzai master Bassui Tokushō. More »
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    Green Koans Case 41: The Meaning of Suffering Paid Member

    CASE #41:    The Meaning of SufferingShakyamuni asked, “What is wisdom?” and when no one could answer, added: “It is the ability to perfectly understand and patiently accept the truth of suffering.”BACKGROUND:Perfectly understand        To understand a thing holistically, from beginning to end, rather than merely in terms of its parts—the latter constituting only knowledge.Patiently accept    To accept without reservation—that is, without any attempt to alter the reality of a given phenomenon.The meaning of suffering        Refers to the foundational teaching of Buddhism—the Four Noble Truths: More »
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    Green Koans Case 40: The Gift of Rice Paid Member

    CASE #40:    The Gift of Rice In a letter to a follower, Nichiren Daishonin wrote: More »
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    Train Your Mind: Train without bias in all areas. It is crucial always to do this pervasively and wholeheartedly. Paid Member

    48. Train without bias in all areas. It is crucial always to do this pervasively and wholeheartedly. The previous slogan was about including all aspects of yourself in your lojong practice: your body, your speech, and your mind. This slogan expands upon that to include all aspects of your experience altogether. Lojong practice has two components:  meditation practice, which includes formless practice and tonglen, and postmeditation, which means working with the lojong slogans in everyday life. Meditation is done alone, and slogan practice takes place in our interactions with others.  More »