Daughters of Dolma

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This feature-length documentary follows three generations of Tibetan Buddhist nuns living in Nepal. See what happens when issues of spirituality, gender, and modernity converge upon these otherwise quiet Buddhist outposts.

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miriamhard's picture

Such beautiful beings these nuns are. However, it saddened me to hear one of them share they only get about 3 hours of sleep per night. Being a physician, I remember what it feels like to be chronically sleep deprived. It felt like a form of physical abuse. There are laws now protecting young doctors making sure they get their sleep in residency. The brains of these young nuns need good sleep, especially as they are growing and developing. My hope and prayer is that the monasteries can change in this respect.

koshin's picture

where can one buy this film? it is wonderful thanks

Dechen Khadro's picture

Thank you. Lovely personal view of the girls' lives and aspirations. Very inspirational to me.

Glen Hamilton's picture

Thank you....and inspiring piece to watch....may all give it a try.

oliverhow's picture

Very insightful and very moving at the same time....thanks.

anthonydenselow's picture

Lovely - gentle and unjudgemental.
Thank the heavens for nuns like these.
(shame about what has happened to once stunning Kathmandu!!)

swastan's picture

This is more than an excellent film. It shows the humanness and struggles of the monastics especially the nuns. Monks or nuns, they are only different in forms. It's the inner qualities that count, our bodhicitta. Thanks for all the beautiful teachings although it's just a glimpse into the lives of the nuns. I am touched by the realities it has to offer. Sadhu!