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Remote Control

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Now playing: Remote Control (May 1–31)

A stunning Mongolian movie about the blurry line between what's real and what's imagined. After fleeing a broken home, a young man named Tsog becomes obsessed with a young woman named Anu. When he steals a TV remote control from Anu's home, Tsog tests the boundaries of his newfound power to change her television's channel and in the process, discovers what lives within and without his mind. 

Directed by Byamba Sakhya
Mongolia, 2013

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tina_mccoy's picture

Oh, yes! Love this movie. Dreams, love, and the power to change our self and others. Actions are what matters! Great movie. Thank You!'s picture

Wonderful perspective of looking through the boy's world.

Daisymom's picture

Love the film club! I get to see the best films here. Love the beauty of slow moving stories from the Far East. I feel calmer watching this type of film, and they teach me a lot. Yes, we all are connected.

Philvfenty's picture

So wonderful to have a look at the other side of the world, Mongolia. Well done just the right amount of suspense, wonderment, love, realism, drama, Dharma. Thank you for these wonderful films.

Marys's picture


elaine_kuligowski's picture

I couldn't agree more with all of the previous comments. Remote Control was wonderful, and I look forward to seeing more of Byamba Sakhya's work.The TFC is increasingly an important part of my month.

oliverhow's picture

....very sensitive and moving film...thanks yet again for providing films we would not normally have the opportunity to see.... richard's picture

As a new member I am really enjoying the films, but this one especially; a wonderful film about dependent origins...... the woman will never know all the forces that were at work that brought about her new perception of her lover and life.....changes my perception too, I don't have to know either because altho I can't see the bigger picture, others are playing a part in my life, and mine in theirs, gives me a renewed sense of connection.'s picture

Well said...

oliverhow's picture

...thank you....richard

edrowe0's picture

Spellbinding film. Beautifully played and filmed, thanks.

mattbard's picture

the innocent longing is wonderfully done- painful and easily to see it myself. "when you come to a fork in the road-take it" ( Y. Berra). Delusional aspect of samsara gets interesting treatment in this film. A very strong offering. Film club on a roll lately...... thanks, matt