September 07, 2010

A message from Eido Shimano

We were sent a copy of the following message from Eido Shimano Roshi. It originally came from the office of the Zen Studies Society and was sent to Sangha members. We confirmed with ZSS that we would post it only with their approval. They gave it, and expressed the hope that it might reach readers who could not be contacted directly.

September 7, 2010

Dear Friends,

I would like to acknowledge the pain and unnecessary suffering you went through in your hearts due to my faults. I have a profound feeling of remorse for my actions.

This August marked my 50th anniversary in the United States. During this half-century I have received so much from people the world over. Over time, I took your kindness for granted and arrogance grew in my heart. As a result, my sensitivity to feel the pain of others decreased. Now, as I reflect on the past, I realize how many people's feelings and trust in me were hurt by my words and deeds. Please accept my heartfelt apology.

My mother was the person who encouraged me the most to follow Buddha's path. Tomorrow is her memorial day, as she passed away on September 8, 1986. Hearing her voice, I have decided to observe my 50th anniversary in the United States by stepping down from my position as abbot of the Zen Studies Society on the last day of Rohatsu sesshin in 2010.

Even though I carry sadness in my heart, as a Buddhist monk, my vow to practice will not end. In order to preserve the Dharma legacy, ensure the training of future teachers, and to purify my own karma, I must march on.


Eido Shimano

The 2010 calendar of ZSS activities will not be affected, the Board says in a follow-up email.

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Olivia's picture


Will meet you on the website you have proposed. I strongly support that the content and design be created by women and decisions on how we move forward with it be decided by a committee of women. In the meantime, your help with working out the administrative kinks and generally getting this moving is great. Thank you!

Not Sherlock

Anonymous's picture

And let us all know occasionally how it goes. :)


Anonymous's picture

" My specific interest is in a secure website for women who have been exploited. I also envisioned it as a useful place for ideas to geminate including a place for responsible writers to work with accurate information."


This is a caring and an unnaive approach to going forward now. As the ZSS ethics committee response to this latest survivor shows, there is still resistance to a true refocusing on the three treasures within the institution. Goood luck and good for you and Watson.


Watson's picture

Here is the site Olivia:

Olivia's picture


Yes, I can agree considering that it's not every day that I have a close encounter with 40 decades of sexual exploitation and organizational cover-up. There's no road map for ending this when a board of directors can't create strong boundaries for whatever their reasons, good or bad. Unfortunately what we are mostly seeing is no ending to Shimano's role as a teacher and authority figure. This includes receiving new students during which he will preside over the taking of precepts. This 40 years of duplicity becomes outrageous.

Some other people are feeling this too and throwing out all sorts of ideas including advertising and boycotting. Public awareness has been a powerful ongoing pressure and we are witness to this.

My specific interest is in a secure website for women who have been exploited. I also envisioned it as a useful place for ideas to geminate including a place for responsible writers to work with accurate information. The archives are essential for this, but so are the testimonies of real women and hearing their stories in a contained and safe manner, including anonymous if wished. Additionally, I intuitively feel it important to have a neutral web administrator if it's to include former survivors. This is not meant to exclude anyone in the process of communicatin for reaching mutual goals. Jt's also not going to exclude anyone who has been an excellent advocate for such woman. It may turn out that such a person would in fact be the best administrator.

Well, this may very well be more naive fog. I'm rather neutral on which ever way my version of a website goes, but to give up is not acceptable. On that I'm not neutral.

Anonymous's picture

All of this suggested activity is quite admirable but take a good look at that resignation petition and count the number of signatures in assessing what can be accomplished at this point.

This latest fire has been hot for several months now and to suggest the solution is advertising or boycott in the small world of Zen is ...


Anonymous's picture

Anon 146 says to Olivia,

I apologize and glad to hear you are not "you all " either. :)

It's just an opinion, Olivia, but to seriously propose action now is both too late and premature. It shows little or no faith in the efforts of those who have been working, inside ZSS, to first, make the comprehensive change dreamed of, and second, to make it lasting.

Neither has been accomplished yet I appreciate the efforts made by those who worked hard and will continue to work for such change.

There is NO acknowledgement, let alone expression of appreciative support expressed to these people on blogs like this one.

They much value such expressions.

I will not support "you ALL are wrong" sterotyping and I will continue to resist these thoughtless variations on " off with their unworthy heads" condemnation.


Olivia's picture


I hope this can happen.

To Anon 146 - I'm not a "you all". Just one woman well not in favor of lynch mobs.

Anonymous's picture

" It would make no sense to become what we oppose,"

Good lord, how can you possibly say this here?

Take the time to actually read this stuff through before you suggest that "you all" are something "other" than Eido Shimano with another face. The concern shown in these parts is that of a lynch mob.

Spike. One year no contact will not fly in the east. Rd

Cheerio all!

Spike's picture

"Enough of the idle comments. How can the board be toppled? Some boycott might just work. Any ideas anyone?"

--Election of directors to the ZSS Board, via amended by-laws, will obviate the need for a coup, demonstrations, etc. Before I vote for a candidate, he or she will have to show that they do not support ongoing presence of Mr. Shimano at ZSS, in any way, 100%, for a minimum of one year, and that furthermore they are competent to deal justly and compassionately with women injured by Mr. Shimano, as well as with the ZSS Sangha, many of whom are suffering their own spiritual wounds in this crisis.

Olivia's picture

Do we have a concerned Buddhist Geek among us who can help to set up a secure website that is membership only? Survivors of Shimano's sexual abuse could be allowed to use a secondary name (forget what that's officially called). Maybe someone from Bernie Glassman's group - engaged Buddhists - would be interested?

I have not talked to Kobutsu, but my sense is that he may be busy on other related activities and may not have time for this. I'll locate his phone number (have seen it somewhere on blogs) and find out for sure. I also think it's wise to have more than one or two people who keep being identified as central to these concerns. It's really more than these few who keep being noted, although few have put in the time required to take on the archives. Again, I don't know this for sure. Just a guess.

Does this make sense?

One more note (probably most important ), I could not deal with such a website if it lacked integrity and basic compassion (not "idiot compassion" - see NellaLou). It would make no sense to become what we oppose, and facets of my human nature are always as much at risk as anyone else. As for writers for journals/magazines, it would be wonderful if Katy Butler, Marnie Froberg (NellaLou) and other writers like them have time/interest to help.

NellaLou's picture

Hello Olivia. I do not possess the technical acumen to set up or configure any such website. Please know though that I stand in complete solidarity with the women who have been so adversely affected by this situation. I am available to assist in any way that is required in that regard. I have both time and interest.

anon140's picture

From 140:

I think Jiro, Genkaku, Kobutsu or Olivia can work together
(with current internet, teleconference and communication
is much easier than in 1970's).

Let me formalize what we can do.

1) Need a (web)site where dana/donation can be sent to.
I suggest Jiro, Genkaku or Kobutsu (note: I am NOT a student
of them, neither do I know them). The purpose of this site
is to post accountability. Say, the site is
one can send money to this site (I will donate) and Jiro
has to post the accountability.

2) Pick media that have high impacts. One is Tricycle and NYTimes
(the later even read in Japanese Buddhist Community). Note: I do
NOT work for these media. Also necessary to send the copy to Zen
and Buddhist centers all over the world (translated to other languages
if necessary, particularly Japanese)

3) Language should be persuasive. We can learn from the ad-style of
lobbyist in NY-Times.

4) The contents: First the background that these scandals have occured
for more than 40 years - (see reference University Hawaii Archive - I checked
with a librarian and this person mentions archive is very strong reference,
more solid than email as evidence), and currently happened again with new
students (not only one). Second, implore public awareness of the danger of
practising Zen at ZSS under current abbacy and request. Third, request
Zen and Buddhist teachers and practitioners to be aware of the ethical
violation occurring persistently at ZSS under current abbacy, Fourth,
request to the authority to interfere if necessary to prevent more victims,
and fifth require current board and bylaws be reviewed.

ZSS member.

Olivia's picture

There's no reason why not to try the ideas of 140 in the form of submitting articles to major journals/newsletters/newspapers. Even picketing is not bad. Whatever brings more public awareness that is grounded in fact is useful. But, 140 would reach a large audience. I say let's try this avenue along with whatever legal actions other people may be taking on their own.

So how do we organize this? What journals/magazines? Who can write a solid updated article?

Anonymous's picture

I’m afraid that advertising would not do much other than create a lot of gossip, besides, the cost of such advertising is prohibitive, and also, the likelihood of a publication accepting such an ad would be slim.

At this juncture, with the evidence of the ineptitude of the ZSS Board out in the open, there is little hope that the Board will exercise its fiduciary responsibility to remove Eido Shimano immediately for the sake of all beings. The Board as a whole is complicit and co-conspiratorial with Eido Shimano’s grasp on power. They will not be able to muster a unanimous vote to depose Shimano as abbot without serious “mind-changing” which is unlikely in view of the ego-investment of Shimano’s “Dharma heirs” who sit in power..

There are a few actions that can dethrone the abbot now; the actions of the New York State Attorney General, the actions of the US Attorney General in cooperation with the FBI, the actions of the IRS, and financially crippling individual and class-action civil lawsuits.

Anonymous's picture

I have better ideas. Why not put advertisement in NYT and
other major news papers (also in Buddhist magazine) denouncing
Shimano and revealing the danger of ZSS under current abbacy.
The material is already there (the sangha convergence petition),
the leaders (Kobutsu, Genkau, and Jiro) are also there, the
petition signers (even the ZSS members) are there. Preliminary
story was published already in NYT. So why not? Need coordinator
for expense donation.

Anonymous's picture

There has been little but "idle" comments for months now.

If you want him out, publicly remove his ability to function by denying him access to his lair.

amon's picture

Enough of the idle comments. How can the board be toppled? Some boycott might just work. Any ideas anyone?

Ryunen Brian B.'s picture

I don't know Junpo, but of the later four dharma heirs, only Jiro would be at this point to succeed Eido Roshi. Better yet, put an end to The Zen Studies abomination forever.

Anonymous's picture

All good choices. Take away the $$$$ necessary to eat and Eido Shimano support, what is left of it, will fade away.

The best single idea I have heard was to occupy the grounds of DBZ and let the press know when it is happening. Block the road into DBZ just as a sesshin is set to begin and stick to it. Plan for chosen individuals to be arrested.

Perhaps Adam Fisher and Kobustu Malonecan lead the way?

tonia's picture

How can the Buddhist community bring greater pressure to bear on the ZSS board to do the right thing? A boycott? Picket New York Zendo during their teishos and weekend retreats?

Anonymous's picture


"The culture and spirit of senior students of the monastery, is that you (Shimano) are a regular guy with the right to approach woman under any circumstance. Furthermore, I was made to believe by others that I am perfectly capable of protecting myself in your presence and that I should grow up."

Even if Shimano follows through and steps aside on December 8th, what are we to make of his loyal students -- the heirs and board and senior sangha -- who have allowed him even now to continue? Will the relinquishing of the abbot position yet still being permitted his handpicked successor be enough? Do these people have anywhere near enough integrity, self understanding and insight to create a safe and healthy place to train? How could they possibly?

Anonymous's picture

Robert Aitken Roshi in response to the question"Is there anything else you would like to say or to the woman who come forward?"

Robert Aitken: "I’m awed by their courage. I want to give them all the possible encouragement I can."

anonymous's picture

The intention and directness of 20100912R_Xxxxx_ZSS is astounding!

I was stunned that she was asked, on Eido Roshi's request, to have a face to face meeting with him - with 3rd parties present. Her responses were perfect and focused....

"I want to make it clear to you that 1 came forward because I believe that it is best that Eido Shimano resign immediately. My
intention was to provide to you what I know to support this opinion,"

"I don't think Roshi has true remorse and I think it would be sad to be an audience to more lies."

The response to this from the new President of the Board was ...

"Thank you for your reply. The Board is doing everything it can to make the transition to the future a smooth one considering the current turmoil. We and especially I wish you and your family good health and contentment."

This is the result of unveiling one's soul and experience with Eido Shimano. Pretty pathetic.

Anon's picture

This must be new. It shows just how inept the ZSS Board is at handling things:

Olivia's picture

I guess I'm the next writer here, but it's not in response in the most recent posts, respectfully.

I've been reflecting on what can happen next regarding the facts that clearly show the ZSS board has no intention of keeping to their statements of having Shimano Step Down, Resign (which has become retire with ongoing guidance to the organization and presence in the Zendos), and not take on new students as will be happening during Harvest Sesshin. Not a single important statement made by Genjo for the ZSS Board on these blogs is holding up.

Zen teachers who received letters from Genjo and Roko asking them not to sign Jiro's petition could take note of this outcome. It includes Faith Trust's continued disagreement with the ZSS board decision to not have Shimano resign immediately (as of Sept 4 meeting).

The quickly created ethics committee to provide something other than an apology to women sexually exploited has no plan in place. Imagine the potential trauma for a woman to present her story to such a committee.

There are also many men and women who gave time, talent and energy to the organization who left because of the unethical practices of Shimano. These were not light or occasional happenings. It includes the time around another scandal when Shimano closed down the Zendos and invited back who he wanted. Such power to a man who is both Abbott and Director of the Board.

Granted there are people who have tried over the years such as the group of Zen Teachers in 1995, and Adam's letter in 1982. This year such letters and appeals don't end up in a filing cabinet or waste baskets. Both the appeals and the process of how Shimano and the ZSS board respond are public.


Anonymous's picture

"He had sex with two mentally incompetent, psychiatric patients in 1964. Well past any statute of limitations, perhaps, but illegal nevertheless."

Not illegal based on the circumstances I've read. At the time of the sex they were not hospitalized, and were "simply" Zen students. Unethical ... with repercussions that were extreme due to the mental fragility of the women ... but not illegal.

craig's picture

“There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza.” -Anders (from Battlestar Galactica)

sharon's picture

"From everything I’ve read of Shimano, his conduct has been unethical, greedy, manipulative, and antisocial — but not illegal (not rape or sex with a minor)."

He had sex with two mentally incompetent, psychiatric patients in 1964. Well past any statute of limitations, perhaps, but illegal nevertheless.

Anon's picture

Another passing thought... this "retirement" announcement comes to us in the form of a text email, not a signed document. One thing about Shimano is that if he fools you once, he always comes back again, and keeps coming back.

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Anonymous's picture

"If you can’t keep all of this, and what is yet to come, in mind and also maintain an inner spiritual balance best to back off for awhile or walk away."

Good advice. The by product of this is that the fewer people remaining at and supporting the temples the stronger the message will be to the diehard enablers on the board.

I also think that the diehard enablers have been getting on pass on this blog. I think that if it is a matter of only one or two people on the board who refuse to terminate Shimano (the vote to outst him would need to be unanimous due to the nature of the By Laws) then the local and mahasangha have a right and a need to know this. These they be held accountable to the entire community both local and maha.

Anonymous's picture

"It’s heartbreaking in many ways. I wish Genjo and Roko well — but from what can be seen by an outsider, it looks lie it is time for them to cut their losses and no longer be identified with “enabling” Eido Roshi."

I goes beyond the two dharma heirs; in the past even when there were no heirs, the majority kept enabling him. Now it would be instructive if the ZSS Board would be transparent and post the minutes of each and every meeting on the internet and give the the individual yays and nays of each vote. Not that I think they'll do this; but unless they do, the local and maha-sangha may never know for sure who his real enablers are now.

" … but he REALLY needs to retire as of that date (if not sooner) — no students, no teishos, no physical presence at ZSS zendo/monastery at all. And it doesn’t look hopeful that he gets it enough to accept that."

I wish folks would rethink their outcries for resignation/retirement. History shows that in addition to his many antisocial behaviors, Shimano is not a quitter. Folks need impress upon the board there through petition or other means that Shimano NEEDS TO BE REMOVED, and in hoping that he will have an epiphany and leave on his own volition.

Anonymous's picture

If you can't keep all of this, and what is yet to come, in mind and also maintain an inner spiritual balance best to back off for awhile or walk away.

Otherwise, unless you're careful or quite mature it can/will eat you up.

Anonymous's picture

From everything I've read of Shimano, his conduct has been unethical, greedy, manipulative, and antisocial -- but not illegal (not rape or sex with a minor). There is a statute of limitations on claims, as well. So, unless someone he had sex in the last couple of years with someone who wants to sue for "intentional infliction of emotional distress", there probably isn't any court case available. Emotional distress claims are also greatly disliked by the courts, and not permitted in some states, unless there was actual physical harm as well.

So looking to the courts for a solution is probably a pipe dream.

From the latest -- announcement of jukai ceremony & teishos -- it looks like Eido is out of control. Unless his board can get him under control, I think they should resign. From what I've read, they've done everything within their power, but if Eido doesn't want to cooperate then their power is limited by their bylaws.

It's heartbreaking in many ways. I wish Genjo and Roko well -- but from what can be seen by an outsider, it looks lie it is time for them to cut their losses and no longer be identified with "enabling" Eido Roshi. Perhaps they should give it until his Dec 8th retirement date ... but he REALLY needs to retire as of that date (if not sooner) -- no students, no teishos, no physical presence at ZSS zendo/monastery at all. And it doesn't look hopeful that he gets it enough to accept that.

Anon's picture

They will survive until the money runs out.... then? How are donations doing? Any more Dorniers in the wings? A Carlson or two? Anything coming in from the Social Register set?

The last thing on earth Shimano would stand for is being deposed and being cross examined in an open American court room. A sharp attorney would make mince-meat of him!

Anonymous's picture

"They’ll survive. Count on it."

I think you are right in this. For awhile anyway. Nothing lasts but This.

anon's picture

Zen, Inc.

Eido Roshi has certainly taught Sherry Chayat well.

No matter how big the scandal, just keep delaying. And delaying.

All board members who quit out of disgust can be replaced with loyal yes man and women. The sangha members who quit out of disgust can be replaced. There's always plenty of members who secretly covet officer positions like jisha, jikijitsu, ino, etc to take the places of those who quit.

It's all about spiritual materialism. And financial materialism.

Someone above mentioned the internet and transparency. What a load of crap! Eido Roshi and Sherry Chayat know that the need for practice is great and people are naive. They know people have short memories. Information on the internet gets crowded out, lost over time. They'll survive. Count on it.

anon's picture

Good point Olivia. Hopefully you're right. Yet morality and legality are often two very different things.

anon's picture

Prediction time. The dysfunction will morph only a bit; however, Shinge Roshi will be abbess, Eido Roshi will be abbot emeritus, and the ZSS sangha will not entirely vanish.

Shinge Roshi will try her best to appear abbess-like and enlightened by posing as a concerned voice of reason to the remaining flock, gently assuaging the angst of the few students.

She'll try to garner sympathy for the difficult position that she's in. She'll argue that she did the very best that she could. That everything that she's done for over twenty years has been done for the Dharma, etc. That she had no choice. She just had to become abbess for the sake of the Dharma, etc.

I don't know what previous posts refer to when they talk about Shinge Roshi's maneuvering stuff behind the scenes. Will someone on the board please explain that? I just think that she's a fake, but not the evil woman some people kake her out to be.

Olivia's picture

“Dissolve” ZSS and he’ll sue for its assets."

How? He lied about the most recent affair with a student. Presumably his past history was known and he was allowed to stay, but not the recent history. He broke the ethics code which I think was written in 1995-96. From then on is the "recent history" during which time he stated that he had no further sexual contact with students. He was ready to announce that a few months ago until the most recent victim announced the truth.

On such grounds of ethical violations what does he have to stand on? I would think the board could sue him - not the other way around!

anon's picture

From a legal point of view, the board of directors are The ZSS. However, Eido has arranged certain financial obligations that the board must contractually honor.

"Dissolve" ZSS and he'll sue for its assets. Remove him and he'll have his big "Day Day." Make him "Abbot Emeritus" and he'll still be in power and keep collecting though it won't cripple ZSS financially.

I agree the PR has been "pathetic." ZSS won't recover from this mess. The only students who will stay no matter who is abbot--as the preceding writer so aptly put--are "students who would have stayed even if Eido Roshi had screwed their mothers." The kind of students who Eido has relied on to rebuild and resurrect himself.

"There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza." -Anders (from Battlestar Galactica)

Olivia's picture

ZSS Board Statements and outcomes:

1. Contracting with Faith Trust for advice. Advice given on Sept 4 was for Shimano to step down immediately.

Outcome - Advice not taken and Faith Trust continues to not agree with ZSS decision.

"Resignation" (reality is retirement) delayed to Dec 8, and the NY Zendo Schedule shows Shimano will be giving a Teisho 3 days after "resignation" on Dec 11, and again in January. This is a likely monthly event......from ZSS Website.

"DEC 1–8 We–We Rohatsu Week – one sit added each evening
Dec 11 Sa Fall Training Period Ends,
Teisho by Eido Roshi

JAN 6 Th Spring Training, Opening Teisho by Eido Roshi"

2. Strong tatement made by ZSS That Shimano would NOT be allowed to take new students.

Outcome: The Harvast Sesshin as announced on ZSS website states:

"Harvest Jukai Sesshin, Oct. 30–Nov. 7 To commemorate his 50th anniversary living in the United States, Eido Roshi is going to conduct a Jukai Ceremony at Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji on the closing day of Harvest Sesshin, Saturday, November 6.

If you would like to make a formal commitment to the practice of Buddha-Dharma at either Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji or New York Zendo Shobo-ji, you are welcome to apply. The following condition must be met: you must have attended one or more 7-day sesshins at DBZ or at least three weekend sesshins at Shobo-ji."

Also included in the ZSS website:

Students who are sitting sesshin for the first time at Dai Bosatsu Zendo participate in the traditional ceremony of shoken, where they formally begin a teacher-student relationship with Eido Roshi. To celebrate and honor the significance of this first meeting, shoken students make a $25 incense donation to the monastery. Over the course of the year, all the shoken donations are pooled together and used to purchase ceremonial incense.

The Shoken ceremony occurs on the first day of sesshin. From that point forward, first-time participants are considered to be Eido Roshi's students, and as such they are admitted into dokusan – formal, one-to-one meetings with the abbot."


anon's picture

With the Internet has come greater transparency that is bringing down Eido Roshi. But what of ZSS's future? The current board has swandered its opportunity to conduct itself with sufficient transparency. How they handle the interim will greatly impact on the perceived legitimacy of any successor, be it Roko or Genjo. So far, they have done a pathetic job. Roko is managing things behind the scenes and has been afforded way too much leeway due to her 'successor' status. Scandal after scandal, Eido Roshi survived each exodus of students because remaining student enabled him and new students weren't sufficiently aware of his past transgressions. Unless things somehow turn around, what will Roko be abbot of? Perhaps a few remaining students who would have stayed even if Eido Roshi had screwed their mothers. Once Roko's aggrievious conduct is made public, who will be her disciples? When that hits the Internet how will ZSS survive? Maybe the point is moot, because Eido Roshi is about to have a huge Pay Day, one easily dwarfing the one Jiro got when he left the organization.

Anonymous's picture

What's happening with the announced complete revision of the By-Laws?

One would like that some of the proposals would be "floated" to the sangha to get some informal feedback.

Spike's picture

The short-handed ZSS Board needs to look into replacing the directors who have resigned. In particular, they need to make sure they have a diverse membership to balance the Board's perspective. Ideally, this would include at least one 'outsider' director, someone not affiliated in any way with ZSS.

The ZSS Board should consider publishing the status and outcome of the FTI's involvement: what FTI's recommendations were, how they were acted on or why they were not acted on, and the relevant rationale. Many people understood FTI's invited involvement to be a sign of the good intentions of the current board, vs. the failures of past boards. Now it is time to see whether those intentions were read correctly or not.

So far there has not been a single public utterance by prospective Abbess Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat. Her silence on her intentions as to how she will lead ZSS, especially as regards the status of her own teacher, is causing even some of the still hopeful ZSS Sangha and others to wonder if their expectations for change are valid. Mr. Marinello has been gracious in the past to communicate publicly, but now it is the readiness of time for Ms. Chayat to speak.

Anon's picture

Since ZSS has ignored FTI recommendation to remove Shimano immediately and, presuming they made this recommendation based on their findings through testimony of victims of sexual abuse, shouldn't this information be followed up by someone? I mean, doesn't FTI have an obligation to refer their findings to other (legal) parties, especially when possible illegal activities are/have occurred for so long?

They just walk away after learning what they did--place the file under S, or Z, in their offices?

Anon's picture

Roko is Shimano's trusted puppet, she will hold the abbacy in his place, doing his bidding. This whole affair is an oft' repeated coverup that keeps Shimano in power and disguises the truth from the sangha and the greater Buddhist community including AZT teachers. Roko and the other Board members deliberately ignored the strongest recommendation made by the Faith Trust Institute, that Eido Shimano be immediately removed from authority.

What a truly sad affair for the ZSS Sangha, American Zen teachers and the Maha-Sangha who have all been purposefully misled, chiefly by Roko with her pathological devotion to her master.

anon's picture

Perhaps ZSS should be dissolved? Why the rush to have Roko be named abbot? Does ZSS need an abbot at all? Before the latest scandal, most ZSS members either didn't know anything about her or were kind of lukewarm about her. Roko has been extremely underhanded in this whole affair, from what several board members have told me. Maybe Genjo would be a better choice? Who knows. Why the rush to install Roko?

Anonymous's picture

No. Why, should they? Who cares if they do?

Anonymous's picture

Re: Accelerated Fiftieth Anniversary Jukai from Shimano

Is even one AZTA member but especially those who have been contacted by Chayatt and / or Marinello in any way concerned about the apparent falsehood of their claims that they are handling Shimano?

One wonders those close and loyal "dharma heirs" Chayatt and Marinello aren't now crying out for help asking for the Zen Calvary to rush in.

May everyone is waiting for ZSS Board to proclaim that Shimano is not only "Ever at home in the unconditional realm" but in fact He is Supremely Enlightened, the first of the 21st Century's Living Buddhas.