September 29, 2009

Three Kinds of Anger

Need anger management? Who doesn't? In the Bangkok Post, Phra Maha Vuthichai Vachiramethi writes about three kinds of anger:

Anger may manifest itself in the following ways:

- Like a line drawn across water, anger that disappears quickly.

- Like a line drawn in the sand, disappearing when a wave washes ashore.

- Like a line carved into a stone, surviving all kinds of weather conditions over thousands and thousands of years.

Anger is not a physical entity, but once it appears, its destructive potential is far more devastating than any nuclear weapon.

Read the original article.

[Image © Bangkok Post]

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klrje's picture

ugg for cheap,

Saishia's picture

I used to be very snappy(reactive)as well, till last few months. Since the time i practise oneness with each soul in my life, be it someone who has hurt me or strangers. I realized that, when i am just about to get angry, its my mind(ego) in action and i remind myself to feel oneness with the person who has done something to trigger my reaction...immediately, the anger subsides. Its becoz, our mind convinces others to be different from us, we choose to get angry on others. :)

john piper's picture

Your writing about anger was interesting. How does one dissipate anger?