September 05, 2009

More tools to navigate your way through the rich world of Tibetan art

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Yesterday I linked to a page that shows you how to identify and understand the deities of the Tibetan pantheon. Leading expert in Himalayan art Jeff Watt now points me to a page outlining the iconographic elements of the mandala, and more specifically, a mandala containing a representation of the wrathful deity Yama Dharmaraja.

At the Tricycle Community, we'll be featuring Jeff sometime soon and he will be available to walk you through the iconography and symbology of select pieces of art and to answer your questions.

Related: Through the fall and into winter, the Rubin Museum of Art will be featuring a three-part exhibit on the mandala, which you can read about here.

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The Vancouver Sun’s Douglas Todd writes today that New York psychoanalyst Micheal Eigen and philosopher Ken Wilbur, both meditators, express concern about meditation’s potential ill effects. Can contemplative practice feed our narcissism and mask serious problems? Can it cut us off from our feelings and cause us to lose touch with others?

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