Touching Enlightenment


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retreat schedule:

Date Teaching Length
Mon, 11/01/2010 Touching Enlightenment Part 1 31:18
Mon, 11/08/2010 Touching Enlightenment Part 2 Tricycle Sustaining or Supporting Member Only 24:15
Mon, 11/15/2010 Touching Enlightenment Part 3 Tricycle Sustaining or Supporting Member Only 40:49
Mon, 11/22/2010 Touching Enlightenment Part 4 Tricycle Sustaining or Supporting Member Only 39:27

Reggie Ray's four-part video retreat helps us move toward enlightenment using the vehicle of our bodies. While it may be fashionable or "spiritual" to denigrate the body in favor of something higher, Reggie points out that if we're going to reach enlightenment, we'll be doing it in our bodies. This retreat includes several guided meditations.

Reginald A. Ray, Ph.D., is the founder and spiritual director of Dharma Ocean Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s living lineage. On the faculty of Naropa University from its inception through 2009, Ray is the author of numerous books, including Indestructible Truth, Secret of the Vajra World, and most recently, Touching Enlightenment.

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