Attachment to the Temporary


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tina_mccoy's picture

Wow! This is awesome teaching. I really appreciate the transcript and the audio - it made the teaching very clear and easy to follow. My gratitude to Lama Jampa Thaye for this precious teachings and to the transcriber/editor for providing me with the transcript of this teachings. I've read books on the Four Attachments - but this video presentation is by far the best presentation. The clear and concise explanation and the step-by-step process made it easy for me to visualize and follow the steps. Can't wait to meditate on the teachings. Thank You.

v2krdr's picture

What a gift, this teaching and Tricycle creating this vehicle for it. Gratitude. :)

mahgwet's picture

Many thanks for this teaching. I look forward to practicing it and the other three parts of this retreat.

a.belliconway's picture

Help! I am not capable of downloading the transcript or the video of the retreat. Can anyone tell me how to do it?

Joanna Piacenza's picture


You can download a transcript under "Supplementary Materials" in the right-hand column of this page. Click the link "Download a transcript of this retreat" and a new page will pop up in your browser. This page will have a PDF of the transcript and you can download or print from there!

All the best,

mitaky's picture

Attachement to mistaken views of reality and these false views, and eight worldly concerns are hindrance to authentic 'dharma practice' .

Reflecting or doing contemplative meditation with concepts that we as human being have enough space and contact with the boat of buddhist teachings motivate us to cross the ocean of samsara. Meditation on death and impermanence helps us wake up again and again here and now.

Death is certain as i saw my own father and mother and dear ones die. Temporary coming together of my own consciousness and my parents is going to end and I will check out this guest-room of nama-rupa.

What will benefit me in this life and beyond is a question we need to ask; will my money, credit card, houses, car, friends and family go with me?. Only dharma gives me the chance to awake to my true nature, nature of mind. The power and practice of contemplating and meditating on impermanence, death and precious human birth opens us to experience the peace, freedom and joy of renunciation and spiritual life.
Thank you

ljame54's picture

Death is a noble teacher. It humbles the mind.

mullerdouglas's picture

Thank you for this teaching.It I was presented in a very approachable way. Straightforward and profound.

Will.Rowe's picture

Excellent teaching. Death puts everything in its proper perspective. Death is the most valuable tool I have found to remind me what is really most important.

ryogan's picture

I am looking forward to the meditations on life and death...I had some experience
with this as a child. I lived over a funeral parlor and would listen to the wailing and
keening of the people downstairs who had come to view their loved ones for a last
time. Sometimes I would go downstairs after they went home and stand beside the
coffin and meditate on death...what is it....when will it happen to me? It fascinated
me then and still does today. Thank you for this teaching. _/I\_

ataraX's picture

Have really enjoyed this first video. Listened to it twice so far. Thank you for sharing!

indigomoonbc's picture

Thank you so very much for this teaching!

earth2indy's picture

Thank you._/|\_ .

chas88's picture

Thanks. Simple and profound