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  • What Does Being a Buddhist Mean to You? Paid Member

    DOC O'CONNOR Office Manager, LaGrange, Ohio "Long pilgrimages to Asia. I'm just back from five months in India and Nepal with a more balanced foundation for dealing with my own chaotic American culture." FATHER ALLEN BREAUX Pastor, St. Rita Catholic Church, St. Martinsville, Louisiana "Being free—being given permission to be oneself. In the tradition of being unrestricted—to freely question and to find the answer in the question." TRACI GOZA Dancer, Houston, Texas "Living a simple life. Being present to life as it is. Not that I even know what that is." SIDDHARTHA Brahmin's Son, India More »
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    A Breath of Fresh Air Paid Member

    In the wilderness of the Rainbow Trail at twilight, silence reigns. On this silent backpacking and meditation retreat I am leading deep in the red rocks of Arizona, a small group of men and women have been walking and camping under the steady presence of Navaho Mountain for seven days and seven nights. Immersed in winding sandstone canyons 650 million years old, we have been alone except for occasional visits by curious ravens. Now the retreat participants are returning from spending twenty-four hours alone. As we sit around the campfire, the moon rises slowly above the sheer canyon walls, casting shadows and animating wizened faces in the rock. More »
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    Sitting Practice Redux Paid Member

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    The Kannon Sutra Paid Member

    When we met the other day I had meant to encourage you to take up the Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo [Ten Phrase Life Prolonging Kannon Sutra], but our meeting was so brief that I did not have the opportunity. I therefore send it for your inspection along with this letter. This work has been associated with wondrous miracles that have taken place in both China and Japan. Because it is so brief, I sincerely hope that you, not to speak of your close retainers and the common people as well, will recite it two or three hundred times each day. The reason lies in the testing. Give this work to those who are seriously ill or who have met with some unexpected disaster, and have them examine it for their consolation. If it is recited with sincerity, awe-inspiring miracles will without fail be accomplished. Its first advantage is that the person who recites it will be completely free from disease and will attain to long life. This applies to anyone at all. . . . More »
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    Just the Right Amount Paid Member

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    In the Mix Paid Member

    There are two kinds of actors: icons and transformers. A transformer is somebody like Dustin Hoffman, Vanessa Redgrave or Robert DeNiro who completely loses himself in his character. An icon reflects one side of his character that audiences like to identify with: Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a real career decision, because while audiences may respect you as a transformer, they will never love you—they will never clutch you to their bosoms. More »