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    Awakening to Anger Paid Member

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    from FUCK, YOU CANCER and other poems Paid Member

    NOI CAN’T STAND IT ANYMOREI CAN’T STAND IT ANYMOREPure explosion of rageBig bangPrimordial furyAtoms of angerExplodingStreaming out from chestLungsStreaming photonsLightYou don’t turn the lightOff in the bathroomCritical voiceYou don’t don’t don’t don’t don’tNO! STOP!I CAN’T STANDITNO - the great NoThe primordialNoI don’t want to stayI want to goooooYou don’t touch meYou don’t love meNoI scream yell shout belLowNoI don’t love youNOGreat NoPrimordial NoI don’t love you NoCosmic NoLet the lightGoooooFury spew forthPhooooo TonsBoiling starsMoltenBig BangBlinding flash of lightOut of darkest deepest NoA universeA childIsTornNooooooooIs born More »
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    A Streetcar in Your Stomach Paid Member

    Anger was carefully modulated in my family. As a small child, my supreme act of rage was to hurl my father’s toothbrush to the bottom of the carpeted stairs. For a long time, looking back, I saw this as a rather pathetically impotent gesture. But now I can see the power in that small act: for it involved the displacement, the desecration of something quite intimate. More »
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    What To Do When The Anger Gets Hot Paid Member

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    Summer 1985 Paid Member

    The new neighbors were hidden from view by the spruce that covered the rise separating our properties. From behind the trees came the buzzing of saws, and the banging of nails. Through my kitchen window I watched their truck struggling up the steep incline toward the building site, weighted with lumber and gyp rock. Sometimes I watched them walking on the road. A man, a woman, a kid, a dog. In good weather it had been my habit to bring my morning coffee to the front door, lean up against the jamb with my dog, Moses, and face east into the sun. Ever since I came here I had had this stretch of road to myself. My Cape Breton farmhouse with the spruce behind me and in front, open fields sloping down to the St. Lawrence Seaway. There had always been nothing else. And that’s the way I wanted it to be. More »
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    Patience Paid Member

    Whatever wholesome deeds,Such as venerating the Buddhas, and generosity,That have been amassed over a thousand aeonsWill all be destroyed in one moment of anger.There is no evil like hatred,And no fortitude like patience.Thus I should strive in various waysTo meditate on patience.My mind will not experience peaceIf it fosters painful thoughts of hatred.I shall find no joy or happiness,Unable to sleep, I shall feel unsettled.A master who has hatredIs in danger of being killedEven by those who for their wealth and happinessDepend upon his kindness.Hence the enemy, anger,Creates sufferings such as these,But whoever assiduously overcomes itFinds happiness now and hereafter.Therefore I should totally eradicateThe fuel of this enemy;For this enemy has no other functionThan that of causing me harm.Whatever befalls meI shall not disturb my mental joy; More »