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    Resource Guide—Dharma On No Dollars A Day Paid Member

    The practice of dhamma dana, or the gift of dharma, lies at the heart of the Buddha way. The Buddha gave his wisdom free, and taught that engaging in dana—giving energy, material or wisdom to others—is a means to overcoming greed and egoism and is one of the six perfections (paramitas), the virtues perfected by a bodhisattva. Continuing this custom, most Buddhist centers offer some form of free dharma. More »
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    Dharma Center Profile Paid Member

    NORTH EDGEFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH stands in a residential neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. The church looks much the same as it did when it was first constructed in 1892: stained glass windows, crosses, and other icons of Christian faith still decorate the worship hall. On the altar in front of the old baptismal tank, however, rests a six-foot brass Buddha brought from Thailand-an arresting symbol of new contributions being made to American religious pluralism by ethnic Asian communities. More »
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    In The Footsteps Of The Buddha Paid Member

    Mahapajapati Gotami: "Mother of the Buddha" More »