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    Infinite Winter Paid Member

    When things are running smoothly, the refrigerator is very much like some people's idea of the perfect Zen student. It is calm, cool, and quiet, and it possesses its own inner light. Actually, the refrigerator is quite a noble thing on its own merit. For many of us, it has a formidable presence. It offers consistency, dependability, and long-lasting service. Even when we cover it with magnets and memos, and kick and slam its doors, it allows us to enjoy many good foods that might otherwise become spoiled. When we are hungry, we go to the refrigerator. That much, we know. But do we ever give this appliance one moment's thought during any other time of the day or night? Like many things, we take the hardworking refrigerator for granted. More »
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    Shade Paid Member

    A dark elephantLiving in a dark forestCame to sip from a pondAs the Buddha watched A dark elephantFrom a dark forestHas come to the pondAnd sippedThe trembling visionOf the moon A dark deerFrom a dark forestAlso came to sip from the pond The deer has also sippedThe vision of the moon The Buddha leaned overAnd scooped up the moon in his palm I too will sipIf it will illuminate my heartJust a little More than two thousand yearsAfter the Buddha’s deathHis remains have been divided endlesslyOnly imaginary numbers can countThe tiles atop the reliquary pagodasThat stretch into the skyThree stories, five stories, seven stories . . . More »
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    Shakyamuni Buddha's View of an Auspicious Day Paid Member

    You shouldn’t chase after the past or pin your hopes on the future. What is past is left behind. The future hasn’t yet arrived. Whatever experience is present you clearly seeright there, right there - not taken in, unshaken: that’s how you develop the heart. Ardently doing what should be donetoday for - who knows? - tomorrow death may come. There is no bargaining with Death & his mighty hordes. Whoever lives thus ardently, relentlessly both day & night More »