All of our interpersonal relationships are a crucible for Buddhist practice
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    There is no better protection than the refuge of unbounded sacred space, infinite awareness, and genuine warmth. Any external source of refuge is ultimately unreliable. Looking for refuge in money or material possessions cannot protect you from the pain of loss, because everything you have will be lost to you someday. No matter how good your health insurance is or how healthy your lifestyle, sooner or later you will suffer from injury or sickness; eventually you will die. Finding your perfect soul mate cannot protect you from someday losing your beloved through separation, divorce, or death. More »
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    Therigatha: Poems of the First Buddhist Women Translated by Charles HalliseyHarvard University Press, 2015336 pp.;$29.95 (Cloth)  More »
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    I hate to admit I’m jealous. But the physical feeling is unmistakable. There is clenching in the belly and jaw, a fight-or-flight response in the limbs. A stab of pain in the heart. The ancient Greeks thought that an overproduction of bile, which turned the skin a pale, putrid green, caused such emotions as jealousy. Green is the color of jealousy still—and of poison. This is what jealousy does: it poisons our hearts and minds, often toward those closest to us. More »
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    They had warned me about the bedsheets. More »
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    The Golden Girl—that’s what my sister and I called the most popular girl in our town. We’d become very jealous of her on account of her many admirers, one of whom was our very own father. We pained to hear him praise her beauty, talent, and intelligence, wondering to ourselves, “Dad, does that mean you’re embarrassed by your daughters for being ugly, unskilled, and stupid?” More »
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    My friend, let’s call her Gladys, has some big news. It’s so big she has come to a sudden halt, pausing the rapid chatter and easy gait of our evening walk. “My husband landed a teaching fellowship,” she blurts. It’s a major career advance and something he has pursued for a while. But why does she seem so flustered? “It’s in Budapest,” she adds, dispelling my confusion. I can barely catch up as she springs into a giddy description of her future life, detailing plans to learn Hungarian, reconnect with distant relatives, and travel Europe during her children’s school breaks. More »