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    The Reluctant Mystic Paid Member

    Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever's Search for the Truth About Everything By Barbara EhrenreichGrand Central Publishing 256 pp.; $26.00 cloth More »
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    Books in Brief Paid Member

    LAO-TZU'S TAOTECHINGTranslated by Red PineMercury House: San Francisco, 1996.179 pp., $12.95 (paper). This new translation by Red Pine (himself a kind of modem-day Taoist) comes complete with 2,000 years of commentaries on each of Lao-Tzu's laconic verses on the Tao, or Way. THE GOLDEN LETTERSTranslated, with Introduction and Commentariesby John Myrdhin ReynoldsSnow Lion: Ithaca, New York, 1996.383 pp., $18.95 (paper). In many ways the best guide to the Dzog Chen (Great Perfection) teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Includes explanations of texts that were previously thought too secret to publish in book form. More »
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    Digesting the Dharma, Part I Paid Member

    Last year, a new anthology of Buddhist texts, entitled Buddhism in Practice, was published. It seems that only once in each generation does someone have the audacity to produce such a book, and in this case, I was that person. In so doing, I placed myself in a long and venerable tradition of trying to encompass the dharma within the covers of a single book. The first such books, issued millennia ago, took the form of palm leaf manuscripts. Before long, they will certainly appear on CD-ROM. Regardless of technological advances, the problems facing the anthologizer have remained the same: What should be included and how should it be organized? More »
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    The Five Houses of Zen Paid Member

    The Five Houses of ZenTranslated by Thomas ClearyShambhala Publications, Inc.: Boston, 1997.208 pp., $12.00 (paper) More »
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    A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life Paid Member

    A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of LifeShantidevaTranslated from the Sanskrit and Tibetan by Vesna A. Wallace and B. Alan WallaceSnow Lion Publications: Ithaca, 1997.$12.95 The Way of the BodhisattvaShantidevaTranslated from the Tibetan by the Padmakara Translation Group,with a Foreword by the Dalai LamaShambhala Publications: Boston, 1997.$14.00 More »
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    Discipline of Freedom Paid Member

    Discipline of FreedomThe Yoga Sutra Attributed to PatanjaliTranslated from the Sanskrit by Barbara Stoler MillerUniversity of California Press, 1996.114 pp., $17.95 (cloth) Yoga and Buddha are probably the two best-known and most-used words to make the passage from India. They are what I sometimes think of as salmon-leaping words: words that have made the leap from one culture to another without translation. Or to put it another way, by resisting translation, such words provide a new word—and thus a new meaning, and even a new way of life—for the cultural stream they now swim and spawn in. Dharma is another example, as are satori and koan. More »