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    Beyond Language Paid Member

    A seemingly inescapable fact of my life is that I am a poet, or, at least, that I keep writing poems. Why would I feel the need to do this? I am fascinated by language. But language is fascinating to everyone. It is through language that we describe and therefore create the world we live in, and it is through language that we describe and therefore create ourselves. If the world is difficult and life is difficult, it may not be that there is something wrong with life or the world—it may be that there is something wrong with our descriptions.We usually think that there is something and then there is talking about something, and that the something is substantial and real and the talking about it is secondary. But for the human mind there is no way to separate something from talking about something. Even perception is, to some extent, a process of talking about something. More »
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    Rebel Redux Paid Member

    Rebel Buddha: On the Road to Freedom Dzogchen Ponlop Shambhala Publications, 2010 224 pp., $21.95 cloth When Buddhism began spreading across the United States in the 1940s and 1950s, we received the bearers of these teachings as good hosts, but our guests were not your garden- variety visitors who would politely marvel at our comfortable and consumptive lifestyle. Nor were our Buddhist guests particularly interested in an easy exchange or in a hurry to get too familiar, too warm and cozy, too soon. More »
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    Plum Blossoms Open Early Spring Paid Member

    Treasury of the True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dogen’s Shobo Genzo Edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi Shambhala Publications, 2011 1280 pp., $150 cloth More »
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    Ten Mindful Ways to Use Social Media Paid Member

    For the last two years, I have provided a daily wisdom quote through a Twitter account called Tiny Buddha. Since the follower count has grown by leaps and bounds, people have suggested I tweet more often throughout the day. I’ve realized, however, that the greatest lesson we can all learn is that less is enough. In a time when connections can seem like commodities and online interactions can become casually inauthentic, mindfulness is not just a matter of fostering increased awareness. It’s about relating meaningfully to other people and ourselves. With this goal in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 10 tips for using social media mindfully.  More »
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    Spirit and Nature: Why the Environment Is a Religious Issue Paid Member

    SPIRIT AND NATURE: Why the Environment Is a Religious Issue Edited by Steven C. Rockefeller and John C. Elder. Beacon Press: Boston, 1992. 226 pp. $30.00 (clothbound) $16.00 (paperback). More »
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    Lust for Enlightenment: Buddhism and Sex Paid Member

    Lust for Enlightenment: Buddhism and Sex By John Stevens. Shambhala Publications: Boston, 1990, 188 pp., paper, $9.95. More »