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The growing influence of Buddhist artistic expression in contemporary culture
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    Topping the Charts for Freedom Paid Member

    In your book you speak openly about your childhood with a father who routinely beat you and a mother who was unable to intervene. How has your practice of Buddhism helped you make sense of the past? What happened happened; I can’t undo it. I’ve learned that it’s stupid to live in that unpleasant experience forever. The most painful situation took place long ago, but as you relive it you make yourself suffer over and over again. The main question is how much you want to break free of your patterns and dissatisfaction regarding what you’ve been through. More »
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    Ten Thousand Sutras (after Hakuin) Paid Member

    The body is the body of the Buddha.Like ice and water, the one is always in the other. In the middle of the lakewe long for a drink of water. Adrift in Samsarawe dream of blissful Nirvana. This body is the body of the Buddha,this moment an eternity. Saying I love you, the deed is done—the name and the deed are one. With you and without youthe line runs straight— More »
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    The Design of Poetry Paid Member

    Epigraph Poetry The Mosquito's Nightsong Haiku More »
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    In the Mix Paid Member

    There are two kinds of actors: icons and transformers. A transformer is somebody like Dustin Hoffman, Vanessa Redgrave or Robert DeNiro who completely loses himself in his character. An icon reflects one side of his character that audiences like to identify with: Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a real career decision, because while audiences may respect you as a transformer, they will never love you—they will never clutch you to their bosoms. More »
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