• Facebook Koan Paid Member

    Yesterday's Daily Dharma... What we call "world" is only an opinion.... Take away your opinion, your condition, situation—then your mind is clear like space... clear like a mirror. A mirror reflects everything: The sky is blue, tree is green, sugar is sweet. Just be one with truth—that's Zen style. If your mind is clear like space, then you see clearly, hear clearly, smell clearly—everything is clear. That is dharma. That is truth. -Zen Master Seung Sahn ...caused a woman to track me down on Facebook and send me this message... More »
  • Doubt: Help or Hindrance? Paid Member

    Sharon Salzberg, from the fourth talk, "The Five Hindrances: Doubt," of her Tricycle Retreat: More »
  • Peter Lieberson, Composer Inspired by Buddhism, Dies at 64 Paid Member

    Peter Lieberson, an accomplished American composer and longtime Buddhist practitioner, passed away on Saturday. He will be missed. Please send him some good thoughts. Best wishes to his family, friends, and community.Shambhala SunSpace posted about his passing on Saturday and included a piece of his music and an article he wrote.  Peter Lieberson, Composer Inspired by Buddhism, Dies at 64 (New York Times) More »
  • Watch: Thanissaro Bhikkhu leads a Guided Meditation Paid Member

    Thanissaro Bhikkhu (accesstoinsight.org, dhammatalks.org), a monk in the Thai Forest tradition, recently came by the office and led us through a guided meditation,   Tricycle Wisdom Collection pieces by Thanissaro Bhikkhu: Faith in Awakening Power of Conviction  The Joy of Effort The Power of Judgment Tricycle Retreat: More »
  • The Five Hindrances: Can't Desire Be a Good Thing? Paid Member

    Desire as a hindrance doesn't mean intentionality, it doesn't mean strong ardency to get things done, all of which can be very positive. It means clinging, attachment, grasping. -Sharon Salzberg Week 2 of Sharon's ongoing Tricycle Retreat on the Five Hindrances begins today. To participate please become a Tricycle Community Supporting or Sustaining Member.   Sharon Salzberg's new book Real Happiness is available to Tricycle Community members for the month of April with a 20% discount, free shipping in the US, and free e-book for instant download. More »
  • Me Against The World Paid Member

    Pamela Gayle White, from Week 3 of her on going Tricycle Retreat, which she is leading along with Khedrub Zangmo. More »