• Larry Rosenberg's Tricycle Retreat: Discouraged People Paid Member

    A participant in Larry Rosenberg's Tricycle Retreat comments: You make so many things that we hear about move from the abstract to "real" in the sense that now I can truly understand and can use that wisdom in my life. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could really talk to the discouraged people, not just in the oil spill area but all over this country where negative change is endemic. Now what I imagine you saying is, can't you talk to the discouraged people you meet this way?  Yes, I could. And Larry replies: Yes, oil spill is one example of a general challenge. Start by being fully aware of what the painful event brings up; not for, not against; clear sustained attention. Of course this will probably be a series of challenges over time. More »
  • Sharon Salzberg answers your meditation questions on Twitter tomorrow! Paid Member

    Sharon Salzberg is helping us out with meditation questions stemming from our page Tomorrow, October 21st, from 4 to 5 PM Eastern time, tweet to @sharonsalzberg using the hashtag #asksharon with your meditation questions! More »
  • Craziness is not an obstacle to your practice—it IS your practice Paid Member

    Larry Rosenberg, who is leading the Tricycle Retreat for the month of October, had a bout of illness earlier in the month and missed much of the Week 1 discussion when it first happened, but he's better now and he's answering questions with a vengeance! We're so glad Larry's feeling better and we're especially pleased with the great discussion going on right now relating to his third dharma talk of the retreat, "The Buddha and the Shrimper, Part 2." This direct interaction with the teacher is, we think, part of what makes Tricycle Retreats so special. In the Week 1 discussion, a retreatant described how practice could be a refuge from "the turmoil and craziness of my life." Larry responds: More »
  • Week 3 of Larry Rosenberg's Tricycle Retreat Paid Member

    We're entering the third week of Larry Rosenberg's Tricycle Retreat, "The Challenge of Change." This week's teaching is "The Buddha and the Shrimper (Part 2)." You need to be a Tricycle Community Sustaining Member to watch the full video, but you can watch the video here: The best part of any Tricycle Retreat is the discussion with the teacher. Join the discussion with Larry Rosenberg by becoming a Tricycle Community Sustaining Member today! You'll enjoy access to this Tricycle Retreat—and all the Tricycle Retreats! More »
  • Ask Sharon Salzberg about meditation Paid Member

    Interested in meditation? is a great place to go to find out more. Learn to work with aversion, with metta (lovingkindness), and practice with the breath, the body, emotions, and thoughts. This page is part of Tricycle's 28-day meditation challenge, Commit to Sit: Go on retreat without leaving home! Best of all, on Thursday, October 21st, from 4 to 5 PM Eastern, renowned Vipassana teacher Sharon Salzberg will be answering your questions, live on Twitter! Looking for tips? Confused about the jhanas? All mixed up about samadhi? Or just having trouble counting the breaths? Sharon knows all (or very close.) You can find her here: @sharonsalzberg More »