• Q&A with Thirty-Year Vipassana Instructor Michele McDonald Paid Member

    Michele McDonald, who has been teaching vipassana meditation for thirty years, co-founded Vipassana More »
  • Selfless Practice: Has the Self Outlived Its Use? Paid Member

    Vipassana teacher Rodney Smith is leading a Tricycle Retreat called "Selfless Practice." You may know Rodney as the author of the book Stepping Out of Self-Deception: The Buddha's Liberating Teaching of No-Self. Liberating? How is no-self (anatta)—one of the most famously contentious ideas in Buddhism throughout its history—liberating? In the discussion of the Week 1 teaching, "Is Selflessness True?" which is already generating a vigorous and contentious discussion, Rodney writes: More »
  • Tricycle Retreat for May: Selfless Practice with Rodney Smith Paid Member

    The Tricycle Retreat for May is "Selfless Practice," led by Vipassana teacher Rodney Smith. This retreat offers nothing less than a new way to live. In order to align ourselves with the fundamental truths of Buddhism, such as the truth of suffering, we must move from the paradigm of self and self-centeredness into selflessness. We will see that when we step out of the narrow and limiting confines of the self, we experience freedom in a vast and expansive world. The first week's teaching is called, "Is Selflessness True?" More »
  • Breath Meditation Instructions from Sharon Salzberg Paid Member

    Sharon Salzberg is now leading a Tricycle Retreat on The Five Hindrances, the five negative thought patterns that interrupt our practice (and life). The following meditation instructions are from pages 46-51 of her bestselling book Real Happiness: More »
  • April Retreat: Sharon Salzberg on the Five Hindrances Paid Member

    Last week I had the privilege of attending some of the taping* of the April Tricycle Retreat: Sharon Salzberg on the Five Hindrances. The Five Hindrances are classically described as negative mental states that interfere with meditation. Sharon Salzberg in this retreat will speak of how they play out in our lives generally as well. They are translated in different ways, but generally speaking they are: craving, including attachment or clinging to sensual and other pleasures aversion, including anger and resntment sleepiness, inclduing boredom and laziness restlessness, including fear and anxiety doubt, lack of confidence and mistrust of the teachings More »
  • Thank you to Enkyo Roshi and Sharon Salzberg Paid Member

    Well, nothing lasts forever. This week, Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara's Tricycle Retreat, "Ease and Joy in Your Practice and Life," wraps up, as does the Tricycle Book Club discussion of Sharon Salzberg's book Real Happiness. Both events considerably brightened up an otherwsie gloomy February here at Tricycle! To both Enkyo Roshi and Sharon Salzberg, thank you very much for the gift of the dharma you've given us. Thank you for being available, generous, and patient throughout the month! A participant in the Week 4 discussion of the retreat put it beautifully: More »