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    Tricycle Talk: Vincent Horn and Richard Eskow Paid Member

    Richard Eskow attended the 2011 Buddhist Geeks conference and sank his teeth into a lot of meaty ideas that he's still chewing on. (Apologies to Richard for that overdone metaphor.) He spoke to teacher and translator Ken McLeod soon after the conference ended and discussed a wide range of topics, including the almost-taboo subject of paying for the dharma. Not long after that, Richard spoke to the cofounder and Chief Geek of Buddhist Geeks, Vincent Horn, and this conversation we are happy to present below, in two parts. More »
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    Tricycle Talks: Lama Surya Das Paid Member

    Lama Surya Das is one of the most prominent western teachers of Buddhism. He is the founder of the Dzogchen Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and, with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Western Buddhist Teachers Association. He will speaking at InsightLA on March 17th about the Secrets of Tibetan Mindfulness: Remembering to Remember. He spoke with Tricycle on March 2nd. Listen to other Tricycle Talks with Buddhists of note here. More »
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    Tricycle Talks: Stephen Jenkinson (a.k.a. the Griefwalker) Paid Member

    Death is often a taboo subject in our society. But why would we want to avoid a subject that is relevant to every living creature on earth? We at Tricycle don't think that we should, which is why this week's Tricycle Talk features Harvard-educated theologian and end-of-life care educator Stephen Jenkinson. Listen to Tricycle's Sam Mowe speak with Jenkinson about the ways that we care for the dying and why he thinks "the cradle of your love of life is death."Jenkinson is also the subject of the documentary Griefwalker, which is showing this month at the Tricycle Film Club. Supporting and Sustaining Members of the Tricycle Community can watch the film here. More »
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    Tricycle Talk with Rita M. Gross Paid Member

    The current issue of Tricycle includes a feature article by author, dharma teacher, and professor of religious studies Rita M. Gross. In "Buddhist to Buddhist," Gross writes about the importance of Buddhist practioners learning about traditions other than their own. Buddhists from different traditions around the world conversing with one another, she argues, could set the stage for a "new period of flourishing of the buddhadharma." But in order to achieve this historic newel, Gross says we must put aside our sectarian judgements and approach other traditions with empathetic contemplation. More »
  • Tricycle Talks: Interview with Digital Dharma Director Dafna Yachin Paid Member

    Today's Tricycle Talk is with Dafna Yachin, the producer, writer, and director of Digital Dharma, a documentary chronicling the Tibetan cultural preservation efforts of E. Gene Smith. Smith was no James Bond or Jason Bourne, but his mission was just as epic: the recovery, preservation, and digitization of 20,000 Tibetan Buddhist and Bonpo texts. Battling Chinese bureaucracy and personal health issues along the way, Smith managed in 2008 to deliver hard and flash drives containing 12,000 precious texts to monasteries all over Nepal and India. Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and E. Gene Smith, with a hard drive containing 12,000 texts. More »
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    Tricycle Talks: Aaron Johnson Paid Member

    If you've read the Spring 2012 edition of Tricycle, I hope you have taken the time to look at the artwork throughout the magazine. There is some incredible work presented here, and over the next couple of months we will be interviewing the artists to get a better sense of the paintings and the process behind their creation. More »