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    Sit down, rise up! Paid Member

    Ethan Nicthern's One City: A Declaration of Independence will give you a pretty good idea of what his work is all about. Committed to creating a "bridge" between contemplative practice and activism, Nichtern and his organization, the Interdependence Project, have evolved since the book appeared. We've seen the launch of Beliefnet's One City blog and  the growth and increasing visibility of the ID Project, which has recently relaunched its website. More »
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    Dalai Lama arrives, says Taiwan trip is of a "nonpolitical nature" Paid Member

    The Dalai Lama arrived at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport late Sunday night to a mixed reception, according to the Taiwan News. His reception in the south, however, where he has much more support and where government opposition is strongest, was far more enthusiastic. According to the News: The Dalai Lama was warmly greeted at Zuoying Station by a huge crowd that had been waiting there long before he arrived. More »
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    Invitation to Dalai Lama puts Taiwanese president in a pickle Paid Member

    The Dalai Lama's impending visit to Taiwan puts President Ma Ying-jeou in a pickle. It seems the invitation extended to the Dalai Lama is owing—at least in part— to local politics: From the New York Times: The invitation to the Dalai Lama, according to news reports, came from the leaders of seven southern cities who belong to the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, which promotes formal independence and has its traditional base of support in the south. Analysts saw the move as lose-lose for Mr. Ma and win-win for the opposition. George Tsai, a political analyst and professor at Chinese Culture University in Taipei, said Thursday that the invitation was “purely politically motivated, aiming to harass both Ma and China.” More »
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    Richard Eskow: Ted Kennedy—through Allen Ginsberg's Eyes Paid Member

    This, sent to us by friend, Tricycle contributor and Huffington Post blogger Richard Eskow: I didn’t write or talk much about the death of Ted Kennedy (Sen. Bodhisattva, D-MA) for a couple of days. I didn’t even watch any TV coverage. When I finally did watch the testimonials, I remembered seeing Allen Ginsberg on the Tonight Show many years ago. It was either in early 1969—before Chappaquiddick—or a couple of years after that incident, when Ted Kennedy was once again being discussed as a Presidential contender. Johnny Carson asked Allen what he thought of Ted. He clearly thought that the grubby beatnik/hippie sitting before him would go on a tirade about rich suit-and-tie wearing squares and their bummer/ego/death trips and bringdown wars, or words to that effect. More »
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    Help the Monks of Bat Nha in Vietnam Paid Member

    The monks of Bat Nha—a monastery in the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, who is currently recovering from a lung infection in a Boston hospital—face immediate eviction. You can help fight the eviction. Gary Gach sent this email today, which contains a lot of information on the situation: Dear Friends, More »
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    Russia's Buddhist Revival Paid Member

    Russian Buddhists received political acknowledgment yesterday when President Dmitry Medvedev announced his support for a revival of Buddhism during a visit to Buryatia, Siberia. Addressing Russian Buddhists at the Ivolga Datsan Monastery, Medvedev recognized the historical significance of Buddhism in Russia: More »