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    What Started the Violence? Plus: A Stroke, Step by Step Paid Member

    [A young Tibetan looks at Chinese riot police officers in Kangding County, Sichuan Province.] The indispensable Danny Fisher shows us a BBC video depicting the incidents that may have sparked the violence in Tibet. And this article is now updated -- China admits the protests have spread. Tibet's spiritual leader Thursday said he was powerless to stop anti-Chinese violence as authorities in Beijing acknowledged for the first time that unrest had spread into neighboring Chinese provinces. More »
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    Tibetan Youth Challenge the Dalai Lama Paid Member

    The Wall Street Journal has a piece on Tsewang Rigzin and the Tibetan Youth Congress, whose goals for Tibet are more ambitious and radical than the Dalai Lama's. The Times (UK) reports the Tibetan left is "frustrated" with the Dalai Lama. These are times of stress. Cracks will appear in the facade, but that doesn't necessarily foretell a permanent split or break. More »
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    China's Firestorm Paid Member

    Beijing feels China's getting a raw deal in the western press. Chinese official media condemned Western news coverage of unrest in Tibet on Thursday, in a commentary that accused the reports of being "hostile" towards China ahead of the Beijing Olympics. China says the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, masterminded a wave of protests that were capped by a riot in Tibet's capital Lhasa last week and were followed by anti-government demonstrations in ethnic Tibetan parts of China. "While we highly appreciate the efforts of the global media in seeking facts and providing accurate, objective and timely reporting, we are somewhat disappointed to find, from time to time, rather biased news coverage," the official Xinhua news agency said in a commentary. The violence in Tibet is straining China's already difficult More »
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    Contact info for China's U.S. Consulates; HHDL opposes Olympic boycott Paid Member

    In case you'd like to remind them the world cares about Tibet. Courtesy of Vichy Democrats ("still dogging Joe Lieberman until he's in his political grave.") Also see TIME magazine's China Blog, which is following the goings-on in Tibet. The Dalai Lama fears there will be a "lot of casualties" in Tibet. More »
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    Day-by-Day Account from Reuters; China warns Gordon Brown; Clarification from HHDL Paid Member

    Reuters has a day-by-day account of the "largest and most sustained protests Tibet has seen" since 1989. China warns English PM Gordon Brown about getting cozy with the Dalai Lama. And regarding his announcement that he would resign if the violence continied or esclated, the office of the Dalai Lama issued this clarification: Dharamsala, 18 March, 2008: During a meeting with some representatives of the Media this afternoon, His Holiness repeated what he told Jonathan Mirsky of the Observer, London, more than fifteen years ago that if the majority of the Tibetans in Tibet resorted to violence in their freedom struggle, he would have no option but to resign as spokesperson of the Tibetan people. On the issue of indepe More »
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    Will there be a boycott? No progress in Burma. Conflicts continue in Thailand and Sri Lanka Paid Member

    An interesting piece in the New York Times addresses Tibetans living in western China, caught between several worlds. Not surprisingly, China is said to be tightening its grip on all Tibetan areas. Meanwhile, some western European countries flirt with an Olympic boycott. [Image © Mark Trepte/The Associated Press.] More »