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    L.A. Buddha Project Paid Member

    Long-Bin Chen has a way cool exhibit of "Reading Sculptures" -- sculptures made out of old reading material -- at the Frank Pictures Gallery in Santa Monica. Not exactly sure what went into the Buddha head at right. And check out this Long-Bin Chen sculpture from 2005 made out of Manhattan phone books. If you're in the southeast U.S., look for "Mystical Images of Tibet" in Myrtle Beach. Check out this cool blog on Tantric deities -- with many pretty pictures! More »
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    Burmese Monks Fight the Power Paid Member

    Buddhist monks are seriously involved in the protests in Burma. They recently went as far as holding twenty hostages, at least 15 of whom were "mainly local and security officials" for a day. Plus Monks vs. the Military, and Buddhist Monks trash a (local militia leader's) shop. Staying Southeast Asia, more on the proposal to make Buddhism the state religion of Thailand. More »
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    Gore and the Buddhist Monastery Paid Member

    Read the Vanity Fair article "Going After Gore" today to be reminded of the whole fundraising debacle the Veep had involving Buddhists. This Washington Post article from 1999 (by the fair and balanced Ceci Connolly) gleefully pictures Gore "grubbing for dollars inside a monastery." These days Hillary Clinton has fundraising scandals of her own, but the one with Gore and the Buddhists (the exotic religion carries the whiff of foreign money and therefore corruption that raises American hackles) had particularly long legs. It didn't lose him the election, but what a different world we'd live in if he'd won. More »
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    Change Your Mind Day 2007 and the Village Zendo Paid Member

    A fun day today as (Tricycle Associate Publisher) Allison Steinberg and I trooped over to Village Zendo here in Manhattan to film Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara for Change Your Mind Day 2007. That's her over to the right. Thanks for your help, roshi! Village Zendo is housed in a very beautiful space on lower Broadway, but the sangha's tenancy there is unfortunately threatened by steadily rising commercial real estate prices. More »
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    Pagodas over Pungo Paid Member

    A victory for the International Campaign for Tibet: Congress passed a resolution allowing them to host a ceremony honoring the Dalai Lama on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol on October 17th, 2007. That same day in the rotunda Congress will also give the DL the "highest civilian honor" Congress can give (the Congressional Medal of Freedom?) It's actually pretty amazing. Don't worry, we'll hear from China on this one. Some Buddhist monks are running into trouble from neighbors in Pungo, Virginia who want to keep their neighborhood rural. Three monks want to live in the house and hold services there. More »
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    Join the club -- Or else! Paid Member

    “You just cannot be a meat-eating environmentalist,” says Matt A. Prescott, manager of vegan campaigns for PETA. Many of us have heard by now that cows are worse for the earth than cars. (The carbon cost of ice cream is particularly high, as it must be refrigerated throughout its "lifespan" -- hence just being vegetarian isn't good enough.) None of this nonsense in beef-eating Britain, where they are working instead to change cows' diets to cut down on methane production. More »