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    Aung San Suu Kyi meets with Government Official Paid Member

    Click pic (AFP-Getty images) to read. More »
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    Unrepresented Peoples Paid Member

    Great piece about some guys on a mission to meet the Dalai Lama. A blogger in San Diego reports on the fires there. BURMA: Normalcy / Normality in Burma from the Penguin Blog. Plus, the Burmese regime agrees to an earlier visit by U.N. envoy Ibrahim Gambari. Australia imposes new sanctions on Myanmar. Is the willingness of the junta to deal more openly with the U.N. More »
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    Burma news, 10/20/07 Paid Member

    Life is superficially returning to normal in Burma (the Rangoon curfew is lifted) but fear is not far beneath the surface. The White House orders sanctions on Burma, which means freezing the U.S.-held assets for some members of the junta and tightening the restrictions on exporting/importing certain products to/from Burma. Does that include oil? Now Congress needs to follow this up. And Panties for Peace: as a sign of protest, women are sending panties to the junta: The group, Lanna Action for Burma, says the country's superstitious generals, especially junta leader Gen. More »
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    Bush and the DL Paid Member

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    500 Still Held by Junta (maybe) Paid Member

    The Burmese government is saying it detained nearly 3,000 people during the protests. Around 500 are probably still in custody. China, Burma's most prominent supporter, says it agrees with UN envoy Gambari's mission, which is to get the southeast Asian nations (and probably India, if China's for it) to call Myanmar to account. Also Japan, which gave Myanmar 26.1 million dollars or so last year, is withholding that money now. (By comparison, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees earned about 22 million dollars last year.) In Washington, DC yesterday, the Dalai Lama voiced his support for the Burmese monks. He also said his successor might be chosen by an unorthodox method. More »
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    "There must be no justice or good people in the world" Paid Member

    No, that headline is not some disillusioned do-gooder decrying the world's lack of action on the Burma situation, but rather a petulant Chinese official mad at the US for dealing with the Dalai Lama. Big Red's hopping mad over the DL's visit to Washington, DC, where he'll trade pleasantries with the Prez for the third time. He'll also visit Capital Hill and be honored by the US Congress with the Congressional Gold medal. “Such a person who basely splits his motherland and doesn’t even love his motherland has been welcomed by some countries and has even been receiving this or that award,” Tibet’s Communist Party boss, Zhang Qingli, told reporters during the [Communist Party] congress. “We are furious,” Mr. Zhang said. More »