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    Buddha Buzz: Black Friday, Gray Mice, and White Wives Paid Member

    Black Friday is upon us. And as we've come to expect with the arrival of our favorite American holiday, there have been huge sales, massive crowds, and the trampling of workers and pregnant women. Actually, those tramplings occurred three years ago. This year, the American public has moved on to a more popular method of violence: pepper spray. An unidentified woman at a Wal-Mart in Porter Ranch, California, pepper sprayed other customers in an attempt to keep them away from the merchandise she wanted. One wonders if she had been inspired by the UC Davis cop. More »
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    Jeff Bridges: The Album Paid Member

    Last year, in an interview for Tricycle ("The Natural," Fall 2010), Katy Butler asked Jeff Bridges whether he thought of himself as a Buddhist. His answer? "A Buddhistly bent guy sounds kind of right."I'm not sure whether this conversation took place before or after Bridges penned and recorded the songs for his recently released self-titled CD, but  it's clear now that "Buddhistly bent" is a phrase that he's fond of.In "Tumbling Vine," one of the few songs on the album that Bridges wrote the lyrics for, he sings:Here is the freedomI have been sentI'm delightedI'm Buddhistly bentLater in the song, sounding a little like his famous character the Dude, he says:Here is my seatI do not pay rentI'm delightedI'm Buddhistly bent More »
  • Listen: A Jazz Man Plays Music to Whales Paid Member

    In the Summer issue of Tricycle, "Animal Realm" columnist Rick Bass digs deeper into the lives of our non-human friends with a feature on humpback whales. In "Whale Song: Secrets beneath the shimmering blue" Bass tells us about the work of David Rothenberg, a musician and scholar who plays music to whales.Bass writes: More »
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    Watch: Buddhist monk raps to attract young converts Paid Member

    A 50-year-old Buddhist monk in Japan is making up his own rap music to attract young people to Buddhism. Via More »
  • Russell Simmons's Buddhas Paid Member

    The Financial Times recently ran a profile of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons' New York City apartment. Inside they found a whole lot of Buddha statues. Mark Wellwood writes: More »
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    WATCH Buddhism's "Singing Nun" Paid Member

    Last Sunday NPR's Weekend Edition program featured an interview with Ani Choying Drolma--otherwise known as Nepal's "Singing Nun." Drolma, a Tibetan Buddhist nun from Kathmandu, has become an international sensation--touring the world and performing traditional Buddhist chants and songs in the U.S., Brazil, China, Singapore, Russia, and France. During the interview Drolma discusses how her abusive father drove her to join a Buddhist monastery, her love of country music legend Bonnie Raitt, and the advice Drolma's teacher, Tulku Urgyen, gave her when Buddhists criticized her for singing traditional Tibetan Buddhist songs in public. Later in the interview, friends of Drolma's discuss the tremendous impact that she has had on the community: More »