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    A moment of calm... Paid Member

    ...ten minutes really, with Tara Brach, courtesy of Beliefnet. More »
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    Ten Zen Questions Paid Member

    UK psychologist Susan Blackmore is a highly sought-after expert on a recurring theme in Buddhist inquiry: consciousness. She is the author of Consciousness: An Introduction, Conversations on Consciousness, A Very Short Introduction to Consciousness, and the acclaimed book The Meme Machine. We've just gotten our hands on her latest project, a synthesis of philosophy and practice entitled Ten Zen Questions. The stumpers Blackmore poses are not easy to get a handle on, but that is exactly the point: Am I conscious now? What was I conscious of a moment ago? When are you? What happens next? More »
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    Tricycle Community Page Paid Member

    We've just launched the Tricycle Community page with "The Big Sit: Tricycle's 90-Day Zen Meditation Challenge." This is the first of many events to follow so we hope you'll join us at Or just click on The Big Sit box on our home page. Participating teachers include: Pat Enkyo O'Hara Roshi; Joan Halifax Roshi; Josho Pat Phelan Sensei; Martine Batchelor; Dosho Port; Joan Hogetsu Hoeberichts, Sensei; Derrick Lo; Elihu Genmyo Smith; and Dairyu Michael Wenger. Stay tuned. We'll keep you up-to-date here and elsewhere. Our  e-newsletter will also keep you current. More »
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    Online Meditation Timer Paid Member

    You can download one for your iPod too, thanks to Treeleaf Zendo. (And Barbara for the tip.) More »
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    Sitting Online Paid Member

    Molly De Shong at Shambhala Sun Space discusses a 90-day meditation course from Vipassana Fellowship. The courses are lead by Andrew Quernmore. VF has been offering courses online since 1997. In February, Tricycle will be teaming up with Zen teachers around the country to offer our 90-day Zen meditation challenge. The Tricycle staff will begin the 90 days on February 23rd, and that same day Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara will kick things off with the first of her series of talks on Dogen's Genjokoan, which you can watch online. Stay tuned for more! Speaking of sitting online, Tree Leaf Zendo, home of daily online sit-alongs with Jundo Cohen since March 2007, is moving to Beliefnet! More »
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    Are you addicted to sensation? Paid Member

    Then try this. Who's the guy with the chops by the unicorn supposed to be? HT: Daily Dish. More »