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    Meditation and reducing depression; MBCT Paid Member

    Scientists in Britain study meditation and its effects on the brain. (The government funds this?) The popular Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is discussed. MBCT is recommended for people who are not currently depressed, but who have had three or more bouts of depression in their lives. Trials suggest that the course reduces the likelihood of another attack of depression by over 50%. The National Health Service pays for MBCT. More »
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    Change Blindness Paid Member

    Interesting article in the New York Times today about how we often fail to notice change, even when it's right in front of our eyes. Would meditators do better on the test given in the article than non-meditators? What do we choose to pay attention to? How much attention do we pay to the world around us? For most of us, the answer is Not much, the article concludes. Plus: the Dalai Lama's blog. Satire alert. More »
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    Meditation leads to Compassion Paid Member

    Does meditation make you more compassionate? Or does being compassionate make you meditate more? MSNBC: Neuroscience may explain the Dalai Lama: Many wonder how the Dalai Lama can retain his kindness and magnanimity, even as his homeland is torn apart by violence. New neuroscience research may help explain the exiled Tibetan leader's unremitting compassion for all people. And China is complaining about biased news coverage? Please. More »
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    What Started the Violence? Plus: A Stroke, Step by Step Paid Member

    [A young Tibetan looks at Chinese riot police officers in Kangding County, Sichuan Province.] The indispensable Danny Fisher shows us a BBC video depicting the incidents that may have sparked the violence in Tibet. And this article is now updated -- China admits the protests have spread. Tibet's spiritual leader Thursday said he was powerless to stop anti-Chinese violence as authorities in Beijing acknowledged for the first time that unrest had spread into neighboring Chinese provinces. More »
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    What can meditation do for you? Paid Member

    Lower your blood pressure, and your stress. Even the NIH is in on it. More »
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    Meditation Myths Paid Member

    The Chinese embassy in Israel seems to have put pressure on Tel Aviv University to remove a Falun Gong flyer. Some students and faculty were appropriately outraged. An article on meditation myths. One myth? More »