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    Reading Past Dogen, to Dogen Paid Member

    We're having some interesting discussions at the Tricycle Community on the Big Sit, the teachings of Zen Master Dogen, and a bunch of other things. Here's an interesting response by Tricycle’s editor-at-large, Andrew Cooper, to our post from last week’s discussion on The Fundamentals of Dogen's Thought: Reading Past Dogen, to Dogen Studying the work of a religious teacher from a distant time and place presents any number of problems. Yet it is precisely through an active dialogue with tradition, for which such study can be essential, that the strivings and concerns of an individual’s spiritual life are anchored in a context of shared human endeavor. Sometimes ideas from the past seem to float unimpeded across the centuries and resonate intimately with our deepest intuitions. Sometimes they just clang and clatter in discordance with our basic values and best knowledge about the world. More »
  • Your Favorite Place to Sit Paid Member

    Do you have a favorite place to sit? Post a picture of it at the group Tricycle Community member David F. has created. More »
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    Cushion or Chair? Paid Member

    I used to hear that only wimps gave up the cushion for the chair. But whether because of age or injury or a simple disinclination, many meditators have opted for the chair anyway. Today I hear teachers routinely tell us that it's just fine to sit in a chair, though usually at the back of the meditation hall, far from the action. I have to admit, I've never been one to do it. When I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus, for instance, I meditated lying down until I healed. I just didn't like the idea of sitting in a chair. But many meditators, for one reason or another, do, and I can't see anything wrong with it. So a few years back, I was receptive when our copy editor, longtime Triker Karen Ready (she predates even me), wrote a practical guide to sitting in a chair, replete with pictures. (She presented other alternatives as well, coming into my office one day with an odd contraption—lots of Velcro and straps—that was supposed to support the lower back. More »
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    Brainwave at the RMA Paid Member

    Brainwave kicked off at the Rubin Museum of Art on February 27th with Tricycle editor James Shaheen interviewing Buddhist psychotherapist Mark Epstein. Upcoming participants include author Peter Matthiessen, scholar Donald S. Lopez, Jr., author Daniel Goleman, and meditation teacher Geoffrey Shugen Arnold. Tricycle: The Buddhist Review is one of the co-sponsors of this event. This is the second Brainwave event RMA has put on. From their website: RMA's second annual BRAINWAVE explores the intersection of mind and matter with nearly fifty different events, including discussions with some of the world's premier artists and neuroscientists. More »
  • Guided Meditation Paid Member

    New at the Tricycle Community: Pat Enkyo O'Hara Roshi offers a 22-minute guided meditation. It's great for beginniners or those who could use a boost to their practice on Day 24 of the Big Sit! This is about the time when our energy begins to flag a bit so it always helps to sit with someone or be led in meditation. Try it out, it can't hurt! More »
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    Lopez on Buddhism and Science, Padmasambhava on avoiding false teachers, Dogen on sitting Paid Member

    Danny Fisher points us to a piece by Buddhologist Donald S. Lopez, Jr. discussing his new book, Buddhism and Science, a cultural history of claims that Buddhism anticipated or is compatible with science, particularly the theories of Einstein. (Buddha and Einstein go way back.) More »