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    Connect with the World: Q&A With Waylon Lewis Paid Member

    Before starting Elephant Journal, Waylon Lewis worked at both Shambhala Publications and Shambhala Mountain Center. After years of "working for things called 'Shambhala' and making not-much-money," he had three things on his mind: 1) he was ready to start something that he controlled, 2) he wanted to use his skills to a tee, and 3) he wanted to get filthy rich. While the filthy rich thing hasn't panned out yet, Elephant does serve as Lewis's vehicle to fulfill his bodhisattva vow to save all beings. What started as an idea for a yoga magazine in 2002 has turned into something more: "As a magazine and a web site, we certainly are not about yoga people. We're about 'the mindful life'—living a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet." Recently Tricycle's Emma Varvaloucas had a chance to catch up with Lewis in a conversation on Skype. More »
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    Jill Satterfield: Spiritual Radical Paid Member

    Vajra Yoga instructor, Buddhist meditation teacher, and Tricycle friend Jill Satterfield is interviewed in the most recent edition of the Williamsburg-Greenpoint News + Arts community newspaper.From "Jill Satterfield—Spiritual Radical":What is yoga and meditation? One way to look at it is as meditative movement. In other words, you’re trying to keep your mind in your body at all times, rather than allow music to make you move, or move your mind into a zone. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with music while practicing, or working up a sweat, or challenging one’s limits, but there are many ways to practice. I just offer a practice that’s not a vinyasa power flow. Just different, not better than. More »
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    Q&A With American Buddhist Perspective Blogger Justin Whitaker Paid Member

    Justin Whitaker, author of the blog American Buddhist Perspective and a Buddhist Ethics Ph.D. student at the University of London, writes thoughtful posts about everything from Amy Winehouse to Buddhisttorrents (a website that directs visitors to free but illegal online copies of Buddhist books). As part of our new series of interviews with Buddhist bloggers (check out our first one here, with The Reformed Buddhist blogger Kyle Lovett), Tricycle caught up with Justin recently via email to talk about the community of Buddhist bloggers, Buddhism in the West, and his addiction to English peanut butter.  More »
  • Q&A with Thirty-Year Vipassana Instructor Michele McDonald Paid Member

    Michele McDonald, who has been teaching vipassana meditation for thirty years, co-founded Vipassana More »
  • An interview with Anam Thubten (2009) Paid Member

    In the video interview below watch Tricycle's Joan Duncan Oliver speak with Anam Thubten Rinpoche about his book No Self, No Problem. This is a Tricycle Book Club interview from 2009. More »
  • Q&A with "The Reformed Buddhist" blogger Kyle Lovett Paid Member

    Kyle Lovett, the Zen practitioner behind the blog “The Reformed Buddhist,” has for the past five years pissed off and freaked out the Buddhist blogosphere with posts that range from the off-color to the obscene. (One of his most popular posts, “And Not A Single F*ck Was Given That Day,” is a good example.) As a Buddhist-blog enthusiast and intern at Tricycle, I am an avid reader of “The Reformed Buddhist,” and as controversial as Kyle may be, he always seems to know how to get a discussion started. More »