• Video: Unlearning Meditation Paid Member

    We're currently reading Jason Siff's Unlearning Meditation: What to Do When the Instructions Get In the Way at the Tricycle Book Club. For the next four weeks, Siff will be providing you with articles, meditation instructions, and most significantly, an opportunity for you to journal your meditation sittings and look more closely at what happens in meditation. Below are Siff's basic meditation instructions for “recollective awareness meditation.” Pick up a copy and join the discussion. More »
  • One Size Doesn't Fit All: An Interview with Patricia Mushim Ikeda Paid Member

    The current issue of Tricycle features three essays by members of the Tricycle Community who, in different ways, don't fit the stereotypical image of what a Western Buddhist looks like ("Lifting a Corner"). One of the three contributors is Patricia Mushim Ikeda, a Buddhist teacher, author, mentor, and community activist. In her essay, "Not What I Thought," Mushim describes an incident at a Thai Buddhist temple in Chicago in the mid-eighties where the bhikkhus declined to invite her to meditate because she was a woman. From there she goes on to reflect on the diversity of North American Buddhism, as well as her place in it. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Rhinoceros Extinction and Ngondro Day Paid Member

    The rhinoceros has been a part of Buddhist practice and literature since the Pali Canon's Khaggavisana Sutta, nicknamed the Rhinoceros Sutta. In it, practitioners are encouraged to "wander alone like a rhinoceros," although the translation has been the subject of some controversy. You can read the entire sutta here, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu on Access to Insight. As Buddhism made its way across cultures and countries, the rhinoceros came with it, most notably in koan practice. For instance, read "Roshi Meets Rhino," a 1993 article by Janwillem van de Wetering in which he wrestles with the koan, "Roshi meets Rhino: where did Roshi go?" More »
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    My Reincarnation: Interview with the Film's Star Khyentse Yeshi Paid Member

    Our Winter 2011 issue is here and with it came Mary Talbot's review of My Reincarnation, a film recently released in New York and Los Angeles. The film, by documentarian Jennifer Fox, features over twenty years of footage of Tibetan-born Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and his Italian-born son Yeshi. As Talbot writes, More »
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    Difference and Harmony: An interview with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel Paid Member

    Rev. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel's new book, Tell Me Something about Buddhism: Questions and Answers for the Curious Beginner, is a simple yet uncommon introduction to the Buddha's teachings. Manuel, an African-American Zen priest, takes a direct and personal approach to the dharma. "What does Buddhism have to do with black people?" she recalls her younger sister once asking her. In Tell Me Something about Buddhism, Manuel reflects on the ways in which being black has informed and enriched her understanding of Buddhism. "The practice is to make companions of difference and harmony, see them both as oneness itself," she writes. "We cannot take the teaching of harmony to serve the desire for sameness and comfort." More »
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    Q & A with Adam Tebbe, the Broommaster Behind Sweeping Zen Paid Member

    Adam Tebbe is the founder of Sweeping Zen, a digital archive of information on Zen Buddhism that contains teacher biographies, lineage charts, and Tebbe's own blog. Tebbe has also founded The Buddhist Dispatch, a Buddhist news online magazine that just launched a week ago, and the Kannonji Zen Retreat in Second Life, where practitioners with no local sanghas in their area can meet virtually to meditate or listen to dharma talks. More »