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    Old Buddhist Humor on Timeless Human Greed Paid Member

    Check out this old comic, published in the Summer 1993 issue of Tricycle:   A good reminder in these Occupy Wall Street days that all of us, not just the 1%, are capable of greed. More »
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    Buddha Buzz: Zazen in a Bottle Paid Member

    Brad Warner's blog, Hardcore Zen, recently highlighted this amazing product: I AM BLISS energy shots. I AM BLISS drinks (so blissful, they need capital letters), use a combination of chamomile flowers, passion flowers, lemon balm, and Ashwagandha plants to give the drinker "an authentic experience of BLISS." As their website says, this is "no small undertaking when you consider the commonly understood meaning of BLISS is a euphoric state of being usually associated with drugs, mystical experiences, or the result of years of meditation." You hear that, dedicated meditators? Someone has bottled you. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: How to fall asleep on an airplane Paid Member

    Having trouble sleeping? Try meditating! In a recent piece on The New York Time's Opinionator blog, "How to Sleep on a Plane," Virginia Heffernan writes: More »
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    Don't worry if you don't understand stuff Paid Member

    There is a distinct 90s vibe to the Neal Crosbie cartoons that are published in the "Letters" department of every issue of Tricycle. This one is from the Summer 2011 issue. Image: © Neal Crosbie More »
  • Q&A with "The Reformed Buddhist" blogger Kyle Lovett Paid Member

    Kyle Lovett, the Zen practitioner behind the blog “The Reformed Buddhist,” has for the past five years pissed off and freaked out the Buddhist blogosphere with posts that range from the off-color to the obscene. (One of his most popular posts, “And Not A Single F*ck Was Given That Day,” is a good example.) As a Buddhist-blog enthusiast and intern at Tricycle, I am an avid reader of “The Reformed Buddhist,” and as controversial as Kyle may be, he always seems to know how to get a discussion started. More »
  • Ellen Frankel's "Syd Arthur" Paid Member

    Like Herman Hesse before her, Ellen Frankel has joined the ranks of authors inspired to fictionalize Siddhartha Gautama’s journey from prince to preceptor—only Frankel’s Siddhartha, whose spiritual quest is chronicled in Frankel’s new book Syd Arthur, is a middle-aged Jewish woman who owns a Range Rover. Although a self-described “long-time shopper, dieter, and organizer of domestic bliss,” Syd Arthur is serious about practice. We might not all have Range Rovers, but we can all relate to Syd Arthur’s shaky foothold in the often-hilarious pull between cultivating renunciation for samsara while actively participating in it. Or as Frankel addresses her readers on Syd Arthur’s dedication page: “May your spiritual search bring answers to the age-old questions—‘Where do you find your bliss?’ ‘How do you attain enlightenment?’ and ‘What’s for dinner?’” More »