• Every Meow and Zen... Paid Member

    The Tricycle team found this floating around on's originally from George Takei's page. Takei is an actor and gay rights activist. Or you might know him as that guy from Star Trek. Every meow and zen, I feel silly. More »
  • The Most Organized Man in America Paid Member

    As promised in last week's Tricycle Talk with Andrew Mellen, today we have for you a video teaching with the most organized man in America. Think the state of your living space isn't connected to your Buddhist practice? Think again. Watch Mellen work his magic on my desk below—and see me cower under the principles of the organizational triangle. The video is full of advice on how to approach cleaning your own living space, so best of luck in your own organizational endeavors! I'm happy to report that in the two weeks since my desk got organized that it is still...almost as clean. (What can I say? Like spiritual practice, staying organized requires both diligence and the formation of new habits. And that doesn't happen all at once, you know!) We hope you enjoy watching, and let us know if you'd like to see more Tricycle videos! More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Excessive Consumerism, the Templeton Prize, and Everything In Between Paid Member

    Being the writer of Buddha Buzz blog posts certainly has its advantages. For one, I get to spend my time reading and writing about subjects that are important to me. But the main advantage by far is that during the time I spend scouring the Internet each week for Buddhist-related news, I'm often (or so I like to think) one of the first people to be alerted when something really, really awesome—and Buddhist—goes on sale. Like this $28.5 million yacht. More »
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    Buddha Buzz: AIDS Activist Buddha Paid Member

      Found this funny Buddhist bumper sticker on, amid many Christian ones. As the post says, there's something about expressing your religion publicly, for all to see; it's a clear identity statement. But the thing is, I'd hazard a guess that unless you're Buddhist yourself or know something about Buddhism, this bumper sticker wouldn't mean a thing to you—not a lot of non-Buddhists know the word "mahayana." So...what does that make this? A non-identity statement? (A Buddhist bumper sticker, then, indeed!) In any case, unidentified Ford owner, I like your sticker. More »
  • Buddha Buzz: Rude Buddhas and Undertaker Bodhisattvas Paid Member

    First off, some follow-up on past Buddha Buzz items: Remember the three Tibetan hunger strikers in New York? They were paid a visit by "Tibet's best friend" (the words of Tsewang Rigzin, president of the NYC Tibetan Youth Congress, not mine), actor Richard Gere last week. And this Tuesday, U.N. Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights, Ivan Simonovic, invited Rigzin to his offices, where the two discussed the hunger strikers' requests, the Huffington Post reports. Looks like they are making some progress! More »
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    Ten Years Ago... Paid Member

    ...Tricycle held a conference on practice and inquiry called "Buddhism—Does it Make a Difference?" at the World Trade Center's Marriott Hotel. Jeff Wilson summarized the three day event in this article, quoting conference speakers like Joseph Goldstein, Gelek Rinpoche, and Pat Enkyo O’Hara Sensei. I particularly love this quote from Tsoknyi Rinpoche: “Thought and emotions are innocent. You know human rights; well, there are thought rights. Thoughts have a right to come. But we have a right not to go along with them. We give them space. Give love to your thoughts. Think, Oh, I have waited so long for you to come!’ Hug them, love them. Let them come into your mind, but with peace.” More »