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    Santi Asoke eco-village; Dith Pran passes Paid Member

    A writer for Energy Bulletin visits the Santi Asoke eco-village in Thailand. An interesting post on Buddhism and Science from Vincent Horn coming from a discussion with B. Alan Wallace on Buddhist Geeks. And killing fields photographer Dith Pran has passed away at the age of 65. More »
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    The Tibet death toll's at 140. So are the Olympics already ruined? Paid Member

    Death toll in Tibet now 140? The numbers are difficult to verify because China controls the flow of information so religiously. Germany (a country in love with Buddhism) wants answers from China on the violence. Have the Olympics already been tainted beyond redemption by China's actions? How will China handle international (i.e. Western) protesters at the games this summer? More »
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    Ten Reasons to Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics Paid Member

    Here they are. More »
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    All About China: Tibetan Protests and Pollution from Solar Panels. Paid Member

    The second day of protests in Tibet: Out comes the teargas. And still no permission for Tibetans to march from India. And Chinese police in Kathmandu observe Tibetan demonstrators, manipulate the local police, and try to get American journalists arrested. The latest "eco-friendly" product to get a black eye: solar panels. The never-ending quest for capital brings more poison to China. More »
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    U.N. Losing Hope for Burma?; Freedom Torch; By-products of Biodiesel Paid Member

     Is the U.N.'s Burma effort running out of steam? It doesn't seem like it ever had much. And sanctions haven't bothered the junta either. Blood rubies: Who's buying Burma's gems? Monks and some citizens staged a bold protest in Lhasa to celebrate Uprising Day. But Tibetan protesters in Greece (where the Olympic torch is lit) were blocked by police, and will face similar treatment in India. More »
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    Thaksin's Back; Gambari on Burma; Sri Lankan Violence Paid Member

    Thaksin's back in Thailand! The ousted PM returned home Thursday. He's promised to stay out of politics but many doubt this claim, calling it a "political game." Nicholas Kristof discusses the other genocide in the Sudan in a region far poorer than Darfur. "Burmese Democracy": The San Francisco Chronicle joins the chorus decrying Burma's faux democracy in this editorial. The U.N.'s envoy to Burma, Ibrahim Gambari, wants a "credible and inclusive" roadmap to democracy. Gambari is in Tokyo, sipping sake and chatting with the Japanese about ramping up their aid to Burma. More »