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    The body is a Bodhi tree. . . Paid Member

    Wayne's Dhamma Blog describes a visit to Mei An, the southern Chinese temple built to honor the Sixth Zen Patriarch Huineng. Theres a whole series of plastic statues telling Huineng's story. At right is a photo from Wayne's blog of a diorama depicting the famous poetry contest between Huineng and Shenxiu with Hongren (the Fifth Patriarch, transliterated more like Hung-jen in my misspent youth) presiding. That should be Huineng in the dark blue and Shenxiu next to him, with Hongren in red at right? Plus another senior monk. More »
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    Eat Less Beef III Paid Member

    From Audobon Magazine: Simply put, raising beef, pigs, sheep, chicken, and eggs is very, very energy intensive. More than half of all the grains grown in America actually go to feed animals, not people, says the World Resources Institute. That means a huge fraction of the petroleum-based herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers applied to grains, plus staggering percentages of all agricultural land and water use, are put in the service of livestock. Stop eating animals and you use dramatically less fossil fuels, as much as 250 gallons less oil per year for vegans, says Cornell University’s David Pimentel, and 160 gallons less for egg-and-cheese-eating vegetarians. But fossil fuel combustion is just part of the climate–diet equation. More »
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    Save the Birds Paid Member

    A nice Washington Post article on Garuda AvIary at the Kunzang Palyul Choling Temple in Poolesville, Maryland: Since the 1980s, the temple, where several hundred members practice Buddhism in the Tibetan tradition, has been housed in a white-columned mansion on a rural stretch of River Road. The idea of helping tropical birds came about 15 years ago, when the temple's founder, a Brooklyn native whose name is now Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo, adopted a Moluccan cockatoo from a friend who couldn't stand its screaming. She soon found that the need was much greater. More »
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    Thailand's Tiger Temple Paid Member

    You may have heard about Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua, the famous Tiger Temple in Thailand. Well, now the rest of the world has too. This is really just an excuse to post this fun picture. Now, if this big kitty, or his Siberian tiger cousin, were wandering the streets of Ulan Bataar would Konchog give him a home? Some info on tigers here and more on the tiger temple here. More »
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    Recession Hurts Recycling Efforts Paid Member

    Recycling has suffered with the recession. Here's more bad news: Just months after riding an incredible high, the recycling market has tanked almost in lockstep with the global economic meltdown. As consumer demand for autos, appliances and new homes dropped, so did the steel and pulp mills' demand for scrap, paper and other recyclables. Cardboard that sold for about $135 a ton in September is now going for $35 a ton. Plastic bottles have fallen from 25 cents to 2 cents a pound. Aluminum cans dropped nearly half to about 40 cents a pound, and scrap metal tumbled from $525 a gross ton to about $100. More here. More »
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    Thai King a No-Show; Methane Capture in the Netherlands Paid Member

    In the midst of extremely difficult times in Thailand, the king failed to give his traditional birthday speech. The king’s absence was disconcerting to many Thais, who had hoped his words would help reconcile the increasingly dangerous political and social divide emerging in the country. The king, whose moral influence overrides the temporal power of politicians and generals, has intervened in the past at critical moments to avert bloodshed. “I’m frightened because everybody is waiting for his speech,” said Sujittra Chanchaicharoengul,30, a writer for a woman’s magazine. “I was shocked when I heard this. I didn’t want to believe it, because normally, no matter what, he will come as our esteemed king and the spirit of the people. More »