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    Clark Strand on calling the the Earth to witness Paid Member

    Or was the Earth calling the Buddha to witness?: A legend about the Buddha's enlightenment has profound implications for Green Meditation. According to tradition, on the night of Shakyamuni's awakening, as he sat in deep meditation under the bodhi tree, the tempter Mara assailed him with numerous threats and distractions, including vast armies of demons and seductive dancing girls. When these failed to unseat the aspiring Buddha, as a last ditch effort Mara challenged his right to sit upon "the throne of enlightenment." "Who bears witness to your attainment of Buddhahood?" demanded Mara. In answer, Shakyamuni is said to have reached the fingers of his right hand down to touch the ground. More »
  • Making our way through a sea of green Paid Member

    In my continuing quest to bring mindfulness to all that I consume, I've met more than a few roadblocks. As Organic! Green! and Eco-friendly! labels scream at me from the aisles of my grocery store the process has become increasingly exasperating. Further confusing me, the "Healthy Living" section of my local supermarket recently renovated their floors, replacing linoleum with polished wood to simulate the feel of an organic health food store. Detergents, toothpastes, fruits, and even potato chips now come in green packaging with grassy knolls, woodland creatures, and falling leaves decorating their labels. It all adds to my mounting confusion. More »
  • Mindful Consumption? Paid Member

    This week, Magnolia Pictures releases its new movie Food, Inc. in theaters across the US. The film, which follows in the footsteps of recent films like Fast Food Nation, focuses on the shadowy and unchecked food industry that has grown in the US over the past 50 years. But while the film targets the handful of large corporations that control much of what appears on the shelves of grocery stores, it also suggests that our blissful ignorance as consumers who toss frozen chicken breasts and packaged lettuce into our grocery carts, actually makes us complicit in the ugly underbelly of the multi-billion dollar food industry. I was lucky enough to catch an advanced screening of the film which manages to be simultaneously troubling and hopeful as it exposes the history and future of American's food consumption. More »
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    How to Learn Green Meditation Paid Member

    Green Meditation is the newest big idea to come from Clark Stand's blog Whole Earth God. (The last was iReligion.) We gave you a brief rundown of it here, and Clark has followed up on his original post on his blog. Here's a taste: The current imbalance between theology and ecology (which weights the value of human culture more heavily than the Earth) is at the root of our 21st century ecological crisis. More »
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    Green Meditation, Nature as God Paid Member

    Over at Whole Earth God, author (and former Tricycle editor*) Clark Strand writes about "Green Meditation," which he explains in this way: Green Meditation overturns pretty much everything we know (or think we know) about our existing religious practices and beliefs. Or, rather, it reinterprets them so radically that they aren’t recognizable any longer to most people. For all that, the basic idea is easy to understand: Green Meditation tells us that all theology (interpreted broadly to include any religious teaching) is ecology. Where it isn’t, theology has gone astray. Nature is never wrong. More »
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    Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change Paid Member

    In anticipation of the December 2009 U.N. Climate Treaty Conference in Copenhagen, several prominent Buddhists have drafted a document in support of environmental action from a "pan-Buddhist" perspective. The Time to Act is Now, as the declaration is called, was initiated by over 20 Buddhist teachers from a diversity of traditions who contributed to a recently published collection entitled A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency. (The Summer 2009 issue of Tricycle, which will hit newsstands next week, includes an essay from the book by Joseph Goldstein on taking the first steps as an environmental advocate.) Authored by Zen teacher Dr. David Tetsuun Loy and senior Theravadin teacher Ven. More »