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    The Green Lama Paid Member

    Lama Surya Das just sent us this article about a fascinating, Buddhist-inspired 1940s American comic strip called "The Green Lama." Crafted to compete with pulp-market characters like The Shadow, the titular protagonist of "The Green Lama" followed up 10 years of study in Tibet with a superheroic anti-crime campaign back in the United States—all part of a grand scheme to spread enlightenment. It just so happens that Tricycle has a Green Lama connection: our copy editor, Karen Ready, is the daughter of the strip's creator. In 2004, we ran a piece on the history of the comic. More »
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    Smashing Pumpkins Paid Member

    Tricycle's founding art director, creative consultant and contributing editor Frank Olinsky was interviewed for the Smashing Pumpkins website--and oh, he's successful album cover designer, too. Frank writes: I dug up some of Billy Corgan's faxed sketches and other things which have never been seen before. I was really moved when I read the following comment from Billy himself: "Looking back now over 10 years, what sticks out most in my mind about Frank is he is total class. I am really fortunate to have been able to work with someone so talented, kind-hearted, and really someone who puts everything he has into his work. He really is a true artist thru and thru." Nice interview, Frank! More »
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    Abstract & Concrete Paid Member

    Kongtrul Jigme Nyamgel, whose paintings have appeared in Tricycle, has a new show of "city-inspired paintings and photographs" opening in New York next week. Titled "Abstract & Concrete," the show gets my vote for best Buddhist pun of the month. Check out some of the artist's new work here, and see his website for more details. The show opens with a reception at 7 pm on June 18th at the New York Shambhala Center (118 W. 22nd St. #6). More »
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    Biggest Buddha outside of Asia? Paid Member

    Nestled in the beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, this Buddha statue dates back to circa 1790. A placard next to the statue claims that it is the largest outside of Asia, but it may be an old sign. Does anyone have any further information on this? (I took the above picture on a recent trip to the Bay Area.) More »
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    Buddha of the Month Paid Member

    This thanks to Ellen over at One City (now featured on Ellen's latest pick for Buddha of the Month: a video installation by postmodern art world phenom Nam June Paik. The details: Enlightenment Compressed, 1994, currently at the Paik retrospective at the James Cohan gallery (a regular Tricycle art source) until May 30, 2009. More »
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    Taming the bull, Tibetan-style Paid Member

    In his commentary on the Oxherding Pictures—the Zen depiction of the progression to enlightenment—Tibetan master Chogyam Trungpa wrote: In the Tibetan tradition there is an analogy of elephant herding but it refers largely only to the practice of shamatha. The symbolism does not go beyond the riding of the elephant. In the oxherding pictures the evolutionary process of taming the bull is very close to the Vajrayana view of the transmutation of energy. Great stuff, take a look at at the series at And for more teachings on the Oxherding Pictures, look at Barry Briggs's blog Ox Herding. Briggs practices and teaches in the lineage of Zen Master Seung Sahn. More »