July 26, 2012

Pema Chödrön Birthday Retreat a Success

Pema ChodronYou might have noticed in Buddha Buzz a couple of weeks ago an announcement about Pema Chödrön's 76th birthday. In celebration, Pema Chödrön and her foundation put together a virtual "Practicing Peace" retreat. And it was a great success! Tim Olmsted, the president of the Pema Chödrön Foundation, is happy to share the following news:

From Ukraine to Uganda, and from Tajikistan to Tibet, friends and students of Pema Chödrön from around the world gathered together in their homes and local centers on July 14 in honor of her 76th birthday. Pema had filmed a teaching just for this birthday retreat before she entered her own retreat for this entire year. Remarkably, more than 11,000 people from 101 countries gathered with many thousands more in their own communities. There was no cost for the retreat and teachings, but the many birthday offerings that were received went toward the building of a three-year retreat center, to be called Pema Chödrön Drubde, for the nuns of Tsoknyi Gechak Ling in Nepal.

It looks like you can still sign up to receive the retreat video here. If you would like to donate directly to the nuns of Tsoknyi Gechak Ling, click here.


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