Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, Vol. 2

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Whether you have months of retreat under your belt or have never been able to keep up a regular meditation practice, Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, Vol. 2 will help you breathe new life into your practice. This e-book offers practical tips, teachings, and practices from some of Tricycle’s most skilled meditation instructors, including Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Ezra Bayda, Martine Batchelor, Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, and Ken McLeod.

Table of Contents

1. “Your Life is Your Practice,” by Glenna Olmsted
2. “Take the One Seat,” by Jack Kornfield
3. “Sitting Still,” by Henepola Gunaratana
4. “Like a Dragon in Water,” by Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara
5. “Evaluate Your Meditation,” by Gil Fronsdal
6. “Unlearning Meditation,” by Jason Siff
7. “Meditation in Motion,” by Jill Satterfield
8. “Something from Nothing,” by Ken McLeod
9. “What You’re Made of,” by Bodhipaksa
10. “Leaving the Lotus Position,” by Susan Moon
11. “Fruitless Labor,” by Gaylon Ferguson
12. “Meditation, Mental Habits, and Creative Imagination,” by Martine Batchelor
13. “Reflect, Without Thinking,” by Ezra Bayda
14. “Sticking With It,” by Sharon Salzberg

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I am still a member and I have tried to download the e-books but to no avail.
There used to be no problem a few months ago, but not this time. When I press the download button, I go go to a page where I need to fill up an "order" even if there is no amount charged.
After going through that, I receive an order number, but no link where I can actually download the book.
Would appreciate some assistance.

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If you've followed the video instructions and are still unable to download, please contact support, listed just above. We're sorry about any inconvenience. We are working to make the e-book download process more straightforward.


Alex Caring-Lobel

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Hello, Tricycle, I'm finding the same problem as many of the other posters. I checked my Account Profile and I am correctly listed as a "Sustaining Member-Auto renew." I do not see the Download button when I try to download e-books. I only see Review and Write Comments and Join, not Download. Any assistance would be appreciated. Sincerely, Gorgiana

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Hi Gorgiana,
I took a look at your account and you were incorrectly listed in the system. Our apologies! You should be able to download the e-book now. Let us know if the download button does still not appear.
Emma V.

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Hi, I am a sustaining since January 2012 and I had paid for it. But I cannot download the E-book. It keeps telling me to join when I have already. Can you tell why?

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Hi stormm, I took a look at your account and it seems you are a basic member, which is free. To download the e-book, you need to be a supporting or sustaining member. You can upgrade your membership level here:
If you have in fact paid for a membership and your account isn't reflecting that, please contact our support services at or 1-800-873-9871. They'll be able to help you out.
Best wishes,
Emma V.

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I mean I am a supporting member and it says it is available to all supporting and sustaining members. Can you help me?

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I click on the download button for the ebook, and then I am prompted to input my delivery information, for which there is no charge. I joined as a sustaining member and am wondering if I can get this text online and not as a hard copy. Please advise.

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Hi ktrevor, the process is a bit confusing, but the text is online. You're prompted to enter your delivery information, but nothing will be delivered to you (it's just a system set-up that we're in the process of removing). After you enter your info, you'll receive an email with download links for the e-book. You can choose between e-reader, mobile, and PDF formats. Hope this clears everything up! If you're having trouble, check out the instructional video, which is linked to above.
-Emma V.

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Ok, it works.

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Hi wakanmonk, I've checked your account and it seems that you are a basic member, not a sustaining one. Our e-books are available to download to our supporting and sustaining members. If you wish to upgrade, you can do so here:
-Emma V.

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I just joined through an ad in your magazine -spring 2013- which offered teaching meditation vol 2 as a free offer. However, it claims to be past due. What gives?

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Hi Doctorgerber, I'm not sure what you mean when you say it is "past due." If you have the offer code from the latest issue of the magazine, go to and enter it in the lower right hand corner where it says "Have an offer code?" You should be able to download the e-book from there. If you're still having issues after trying the above, contact our support services at or 1-800-873-9871 (8:30am to 4:30pm EST).
-Emma V.

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I inadvertantly saved Volume 2 over Volume I lost the first ebook on meditation...anyway of me getting this back ? Can you please post or make Volume 1 available again ?



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thank complete !

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Hi Judy, glad it was figured out! Enjoy :)
-Emma V.

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I am a sustaining member, and I also have no download button. I was told you wre having difficulty with the website when I renewed my membership, but I see that my credit card was charged.

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Hi sifumanny56, It seems like you are also listed as a basic member. If you paid to upgrade and your credit card was charged, please contact our support services ( or 1-800-873-9871) and they will work this out with you. So sorry for the difficulty!
-Emma V.

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Hi Firinn, Our e-books are free to download for our supporting and sustaining members. I took a look at your account and it seems that you're at basic membership status at the moment. If you want to upgrade and download the e-book for free, you can do so here: Once you upgrade, the download button will appear.
-Emma V.