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The powerful practice of forgiveness releases us from the grasp of fear and anger and allows us to see the world with a kind, wise heart. Featuring wisdom and teachings by Buddhist teachers Jack Kornfield, Robert Thurman, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mark Epstein, and Gina Sharpe, Tricycle Teachings: Forgiveness will guide you on the path to offering forgiveness for yourself and others.

Table of Contents

1. "Lighten Your Load," by Allan Lokos
2. "The Gift of Gratitude," by Ajahn Sumedho
3. "Broken Gold," by Noelle Oxenhandler, Lynn Crawford, Isan Sacco, and Jane Kingston
4. "Forgiveness," by Matthew Flickstein
5. "Rising to the Challenge," by Robert Thurman
6. "Beyond Blame," by Mark Epstein
7. "A Change of Heart," a Q&A with Jack Kornfield
8. "The Finger Bone Path of Angulimala," by Thich Nhat Hanh
9. "The Power of Forgiveness," by Gina Sharpe

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For me (and I don't think this is a strength, by any means), I have a problem with people personally harming me or mine, even when it is in ignorance. Not a 'mistake' but if characteristics or personality traits that I largely disagree with are the reason why I had to pay some price, I have a very hard time 'not' wanting to get them back. But somehow i would like to give it a shot. Thanks
Anyways don't forget to check out this site of mine for further releases.

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I am so appreciative of what I've learned and absorbed being a member here and reading daily. I was never able to sit quietly and meditate until the last year. At 67, it's high time this came to me. I retired from the insurance business, due to cancer, at age 47, and been "not in the business world" these last 20 years. I've improved my health, dropped 40lbs, gained calmness. A JR. H.S. plaque on the wall of the changing room always helped me. But now, with the understandings I've gained here, I really now know and understand......" A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, A fool only from his own". I would add, in all humility, and sadly, ..."if even then".

thank y'all so much! ( y'all, a colloquialism of us texans). A little "t" on purpose. :)

Michael Neri

eikunsman's picture

Hi Michael...Your story sounds a little like mine. I am 68 diagnosed three years ago with lung cancer. I came back to meditation and buddhist practice about the same time and I believe it has been a great help to me as well. Elbita

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The video is very helpful. :)
Thank you Andrew.


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I can't download either. I get the link and then I get can't download.. Pretty sure I'm current on my subscription.. : )

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I fill out all the information required... but the system does not give me an option to download anything... please help!

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Hi ckinding,
Please see my other posts with information as to how to contact our support services.
Warm wishes,
Emma V.

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Hi xbrianreedx,
Yes, your account is in good standing and you should be able to download the e-book. Please email our support services at or call them at 1-800-873-9871 and they will be able to help you.
Warm wishes,
Emma V.

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If I might comment on the free download of ebooks. I have not been able to get them either though I am a member.
Also If I could suggest that the process of "free" downloads were simpler. One has to filled name address, etc every time even if this is not a purchase.
I ended up not downloading after a few attempts.


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Hi mards,
It looks like you are indeed a supporting member, so you should be able to download the e-books with no problem. What difficulty are you having with the download process? If you've purchased something from us before, or downloaded an e-book before, there's two simple buttons you can use in the shopping cart to fill out your info automatically. If you need help finding them, you can watch the e-book download instructional video linked to above.
We know that the download process is not ideal, and we're working on fixing it. Thank you for your patience (and your forgiveness)!
Best wishes,
Emma V.

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Help! When ever I try to down load an e book, I am repeatedly asked to join Tricycle. I have done this with auto renewing sustaining membership. Yet I have not been able to get this membership beni.
Any ideas? Thanks.
Ryc Williamson
Aloha, Oregon

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Hi rycwilliamson,
Our system has you registered as a basic member, not as a sustaining member, which is why you're getting the "join" button instead of the "download" button. If you've paid for a sustaining membership, please contact our support services at or 1-800-873-9871 and let them know that your online account is not reflecting your membership status. They'll be able to fix it for you, and you can download the e-book! Our apologies for the inconvenience.
Best wishes,
Emma V.