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Death is universal and inevitable. Sooner or later, it comes to all of us. As Buddhists, we are taught that the experience of dying contains the seeds of great personal transformation. But let's face it: It’s also tough. Tricycle Teachings: Dying & Death offers compassion and insight for anyone seeking to explore the Buddhist approach to one of life’s greatest mysteries.


Table of Contents

1. “Death Poems,” by Fuse Yajiro
2. “Only the Practice of Dharma Can Help Us at the Time of Death,” by Larry Rosenberg
3. “Birth and Death,” by Eihei Dogen
4. “Aging into Dying and Death,” by Ken Jones
5. “The Lucky Dark,” by Joan Halifax
6. “Living the Life You Wish to Live,” an interview with Stephen and Ondrea Levine
7. “Good Death,” by Patricia Anderson
8. “On Being a True Friend,” by Sogyal Rinpoche
9. “On What to Do When the Going Gets Rough,” by Frank Ostaseski
10. “On Beginning at the Beginning,” by Judy L. Lief
11. “A Care Giver’s Story,” by Tony D.
12. “The Luminous Gap in Bardo,” by Francesca Fremantle

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To read the epub e-book you should turn pages opposite of how you do with any other book. The pages numbering progress to the left instead of the usual way. The page on the left is the number eleven and the right one is page ten, for example. No other e-book does the same.

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I understood the historical nod right away as well as the odd choice of songs.
Thanks for this article. I've occasionally wished I could be a person who believes in just one tradition.

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As said in the article, Death is inevitable. We should accept it as an opportunity to transform, to move to new dimensions. We should not be afraid from it. Its is a new begining.
I've succeeded in downloading the e-book and read it - very impressing. I l also recommend "The Tibetan Book of the Dead Big Black", a film showing how death is perceived by Buddhism in Tibet. The film provides a glimpse into the rituals of mourning and dropping dead, the belief that there is no such thing - birth and death. You can find it on YouTube (or email me if you have issues).
Andy, Healthy Life

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Hello everyone, the download process for the free ebook is working now. I just ordered two ebooks and with a few clicks the order was submitted and completed. Thank you for bringing up the issues with the download process and for resolving the problem. I appreciate it.

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Not working here either...;-(

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Hi Marys,
After taking a look at the instructions below, if you're still having trouble, please contact our support services at or 1-800-873-9871. They'll be able to help you out!
Best wishes,
Emma Varvaloucas
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I *am* a supporting member but still find the "free" purchase process an opportunity to practice patience. I don't know that this is Tricycle's intent. First, I am informed about the existence of a new eBook in an email. I'm interested and click. It brings me to a page to become a member, not the page for the eBook. When I figure out where the eBooks are (Wisdom Collections), I choose the one I am interested - and see another interesting one. Choosing an eBook (which is free) while logged in as a Supporting member *still* requires me to complete a purchase form (name, address, etc). At the bottom there is an option to check out or to Continue Shopping - familiar choices on other eCommerce sites. So I return to the Wisdom Collection, find the other eBook I want to read and add it to my shopping cart. Well. it turns out - there is no shopping cart! Because the second eBook replaces the first one in the "cart." I have to complete the entire purchase form again! and complete that process and return to do the same thing for the second eBook. Not a lot of effort, but the process is unlike other sites which means you shouldn't call it a "cart" and you would be helpful provide links to the appropriate pages to aid folks in the process.
Thanks, Michael

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Thanks Michael for conveying my frustrations as well. We are suffering in a internet sort of way. We are all spoiled by the ease of use, big time, web sites like Amazon and all the others and expect humble places like Tricycle to perform as well. Give them time and perhaps a little money.

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Hi Michael, thanks for your comment. We certainly aren't meaning for it to be a frustrating experience and are looking into ways to make it easier—thank you so much for your feedback. Just so you know, you can also find the e-books by scrolling down on the homepage until you reach "Tricycle Teachings."
Best wishes,
Emma Varvaloucas

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Hello everyone!

If you are a supporting or sustaining Member, please follow these instructions to download the e-book:

1. Click the "Download" button below the e-book cover image.
2. Go through the shopping cart process, filling out your appropriate information. (Please note: the shopping cart asks for your billing information, but if you are already a sustaining or supporting member, you will NOT be billed for this e-book. It is free.)
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Best wishes,
Emma Varvaloucas
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These directions are helpful to a point but they don't clear up the confusion of how you get to the e-book cover image for download in the first place. What would be most helpful is to be able to click on the email link and go to a page where there's a button that says "Sign In and Download Your Free E-book" and then a menu that lets you choose the format. The current process seems unnecessarily complex. It does help you learn patience though!

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Hi Birobert,
Thanks for your comment—it is duly noted! We're working on making the entire process easier for our users.
Best wishes,
Emma Varvaloucas
Associate Editor

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Thank you for these directions; I too have found the free download process cumbersome (but worth it). This time I found the "saved information" option and saw that I don't have to re-enter everything every time, which makes it easier and more secure feeling too.
Thank you too for the fine retreats and films you make available to subscribers for such a reasonable fee. Software processes for the occasional interaction can always be improved, but this site is wonderful every day.

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Thank you for your kind words, FirinnCrith! We're so glad that you are finding value in our offerings, and are working on making the site more user-friendly.
Best wishes,
Emma Varvaloucas
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