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In sitting meditation, it often occurs to us that our bodies have been the last thing on our minds; we've been living in a prison of thought, fantasy, of plans for a future that never happens. In this e-book, Tricycle Teachings: Body in Practice, learn how your body is your best tool for practice. Featuring teachings by Shantideva, S.N. Goenka, Sylvia Boorstein, Reggie Ray, and Jon Kabat-Zinn, it's the perfect way to start off your new year.

Table of Contents

  1. "What Body?" by Shantideva
  2. "Finding Sense in Sensation," by S. N. Goenka
  3. "Remembering How to Walk," by John House
  4. "Evolution’s Body," by Wes Nisker
  5. "Body as Body," by Sylvia Boorstein
  6. "Full Body, Empty Mind," an interview with Will Johnson
  7. "Touching Enlightenment," by Reggie Ray
  8. "Losing Our Bodies, Losing our Minds," by Stuart Smithers
  9. "Living from the Inside Out," by Anne Cushman
  10. "At Home in Our Bodies," an interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn

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    roni.diment's picture

    How can I download the book? I tried again and again to follow instruction but I cant download it.
    No link to downloading the book or instructions about how to do so. Why not just have a live link on the web page once I have logged in to prove I have paid up. Most websites offer free downloads as a simple, one step process. make the whole process easier...
    Book of health

    Emma Varvaloucas's picture

    Hi roni.diment,
    I've taken a look at your account, and it seems that you are a basic member. E-books are not available for download for our basic members. If you want to upgrade to a supporting or sustaining membership, you can do so here:
    If you believe you are already a supporting or sustaining member, please contact our support services at and we will get that fixed for you.
    We know that our e-book downloading process is not ideal, and we are at work currently to rectify it. Thanks for your patience.
    Warm wishes,
    Emma V.

    andy.miles05's picture

    I have downloaded the book finally, after going all the long process of writing my residential address, and all my details. In my opinion a free book should require all these details.
    As someone who experienced Buddhism before I find the book very inspiriting, especially the "Evolution’s Body," by Wes Nisker. Its really worth the long registration process.

    Emma Varvaloucas's picture

    Hi Andy,
    FYI, if you go through the process of filling out your info once, you won't have to do it again if you download another e-book. Simply choose your address from under the "Saved Addresses" button and all of your info will be filled out automatically.
    Emma V.

    doliver's picture

    I am experiencing the same problem as everyone else in trying to download. Your 800# also appears to be out of order. The call goes into music as if you are on hold and then a message comes on saying the call cannot be completed as dialed, try again later. Hope you work out all your technical diffculties.

    Emma Varvaloucas's picture

    This means that the support line is currently occupied; the best thing to do is to try again later (the line is open from 8:30 to 4:30 EST) or to send an email to In the meantime, take a look at our instructional video, linked to above, and see if that helps with any questions you have about downloading.
    Emma V.

    Emma Varvaloucas's picture

    Hi Everyone,
    If you're having problems downloading the e-book, please watch our instructional video here: If you still can't download it after watching, please contact our support services at or 1-800-873-9871.
    Our apologies!
    Emma V.

    tonybrady95's picture

    I have just downloaded it. You go through process of entering name address etc as if paying for it. (It is free) When ordered you get an email with a link to various types of download. I hope this helps. All the best from day to day in every day of 2013. Tony

    cas3737's picture

    can not download any of the materials! am sustaining auto renew member! help!

    croberon's picture

    I'm a sustaining member and am logged in but unable to download any of the books. Can you please give exact instructions for dowloading?


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    Unfortunately I cannot find the 'Download' button to click. All I see under the ebook cover is " Read & Write Reviews" and "Join". I'm a sustaining member and duly logged in. If I go to the 'entire collection', there's an option to download which simply brings me back here with the invite to "join" again, and no 'Download' option. Any suggestions?

    Emma Varvaloucas's picture

    Hi Ted,
    I took a look at your account. Although I see that you ordered a sustaining membership last month, it is listed as "pending." This is why you see "Join" instead of "Download"—your membership right now is at the basic level, not the sustaining one. To figure out why your order hasn't gone through, please contact our support services at or 1-800-873-9871. They'll be able to help you out. Thanks for your patience!
    Emma V.'s picture

    Why is it necessary to enter my residential address, my billing address, etc. just to download a free book especially given that I'm a member and you have all of it already?

    Emma Varvaloucas's picture

    We know that the format as it is now is not ideal. Our apologies—it's the best we can do at the moment. If you've already downloaded an e-book, after you click the "Download" button and are moved onto the page to fill in your information, there is a saved addresses option near the top of the page. Choose the appropriate address and your information will be filled in automatically, saving you some time.
    Emma V.

    littlestbird's picture

    I am an active Buddhist and very grateful for this site. I am also a well experienced with Drupal and would be happy to help you in regards to functionality on the site if you are every looking for more help.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you would like to know more. Though I could add links here to my portfolio and what not, I do not want to do anything that could be viewed as spam.

    In regards to the download, I can think of a few solutions that would not require the checkout process, namely just having views that have permission based fields that only display links to users that have the proper permissions.

    anyway, hope this helps and thank you,

    Emma Varvaloucas's picture

    Hi Preston,
    Thanks very much for your note. We'll keep you in mind as we embark upon making the process easier for our users.
    Emma V.