Tricycle/Winter 2006

Volume 16, Number 2

In This Issue

on the cushion

  • Pilates instructor Jennifer Sokolov gives us four basic exercises to support our bodies on the cushion.
    Jennifer Sokolov


dharma talk

editors view

on location

  • Frances Richard takes on the fifth annual 9/11 Memorial Floating Lanterns Ceremony.
    Frances Richard

thus have i heard

  • Andrew Olendzki outlines the Buddha's six steps for transforming unwholesome mind states.
    Andrew Olendzki

on practice

  • Clark Strand traces the history of malas and how this ancient practice brings peace.
    Clark Strand


  • David Loy considers the work of Nagarjuna, Buddhism's greatest philospoher.
    David Loy



  • Sharon Salzberg speaks with Daniel Goleman about altruism, mirror neurons, and how the human brain is wired for compassion.
  • Venerable Karuna Dharma discusses gender equality in Buddhism and her pioneering role in the rebirth of of female ordination.

on language

  • The term aryan carries a lot of historical baggage.  Donald S. Lopez Jr., explains why we should take another look at the Buddhist roots of this much maligned word.
    Donald S. Lopez Jr.

practical pilgrim

on gardening


sangha spotlight

  • David Goewey visits a small Zen sangha in infamous Sing Sing prison.
    David Goewey