Tricycle/Winter 2005

Volume 15, Number 2

In This Issue

on location

  • In Sri Lanka, giving of oneself takes a literal turn.
    Asoka Bandarage

on events

  • The first Spiritual Activism Conference offers a hopeful vision for a movement of spiritual progressives—and interesting lessons for engaged Buddhists.
    Phil Catalfo

editors view


dharma talk

on practice

  • Cultivating equanimity with Gil Fronsdal and Sayadaw U Pandita
    Gil Fronsdal; Sayadaw U Pandita


  • Contributing editor Tracy Cochran speaks with Buddhist scholar Mu Soeng about the danger of selling the dharma.
  • Storyteller Rafe Martin discusses the transformative and guiding power of myth with Joseph Sorrentino.


  • Rafi Zabor approaches the limits of suffering while caring for his aging parents.
    Rafi Zabor
  • In a talk given at Smith College, Helen Tworkov reflects on a half century of American Buddhist women and reimagines the future of power.
    Helen Tworkov
  • Andrew Black is a Buddhist who came in fifth in the 2005 World Poker Championship. Vishvapani asks him how Buddhism and poker stack up.
  • At a time when our spiritual traditions struggle to remain relevant in a culture dominated by scientific materialism, Andrew Cooper considers the pros and cons of a new religious model based on the psychology of “flow.”
    Andrew Cooper


thus have i heard

  • Andrew Olendzki examines the dilemma of good and evil in human nature.
    Andrew Olendzki


parting words

my view

  • New Orleans evacuee Erik Hansen recounts the tense lead-up to Hurricane Katrina and searches for answers in its tragic wake.
    Erik Hansen