A Zen Journey Through Space and Time: Discussions on Transmission and Lineage

With Peter Muryo Matthiessen and Michel Engu DobbsPeter Cunningham

In 1982, as a young Zen student of Bernie Glassman, Peter Cunningham joined Bernie and his first successor, Peter Muryo Matthiessen, on a pilgrimage to pay respects to their dharma grandparents—some of the great living Zen masters of twentieth-century Japan. In this video exclusive, Cunningham, keeping it all in the dharma family, reunites with Matthiessen and his dharma son, Michel Engu Dobbs, at the zendo on Matthiessen's property in Sagaponack, Long Island. The three discuss their lineage, which combines elements of both Soto and Rinzai Zen, and the nature of dharma transmission within it.

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Anicca1956's picture

Thank you.

matthew.cheyne's picture

Stunningly beautiful. I love the photography and the score that goes to this short film. Everything falls into place and the relationship between dharma transmitter and receiver was wonderful to see and hear about.

johanniemann's picture

Beautiful! Thank you!

rishi's picture

ahh, ... gassho.

sitting on the same seat; ~ i bow to you ~

may all beings realize freedom from all suffering. gassho.

kempf42's picture

Peter Mattiessen is one of my all time favorite authors and it was such a pleasure to see that he is still alive and teaching. The conversation between the two Zen masters and Peter Cunningham on the meaning of lineage in 21st century America was really outstanding. Thanx so much for producing this short clip!

crouching_tiger's picture

Peter C.! Thank you so much for creating this. Roshi is one of my all time Zen heros and sometimes (if you're not part of that extended Sangha) it's hard to keep up with what he's been up to in the Zen world. I didn't even know he had a successor, so it was very enlightening (!) to hear Roshi and Engo talk a little about their relationship as well as thoughts about practice. And beautiful photographs as well (I am a photographer).