In Which P. B. Law Imagines What Would Happen If Christopher Robin Taught the Forest Animals about BuddhismP. B. Law

“Hallo, Rabbit!” they all replied.

“Well, I haven’t much time to chat, but here’s a notice I wrote out for you.” And he gave them each a slip of paper with writing on it. “Now that we’re all Buddhists, we need to organize a Buddhist Group that Does Things and Engages and Elects Officials. So I’ve called a meeting for this afternoon in the Meeting Place, and that’s what it says here on the notice, in case you can’t read. I have to run off to Owl’s Place now, to give him his notice, but I’ll see you this afternoon.” And in a flash he was gone.

“Hah!” said Eeyore scornfully. “And I thought Rabbit had a Brain.” Then he picked up his notice with his teeth and placed it next to a patch of thistles. “That,” he explained to Pooh and Piglet, “is so I can eat it by mistake, if you know what I mean, when I have my lunch, and then when Rabbit asks why I didn’t show up at the meeting I can tell him that something ate my notice.”

“Here, Eeyore, you can eat ours, too,” said Pooh helpfully, as he and Piglet placed their notices on the ground in front of him.

“Why, thank you,” said Eeyore. “How thoughtful of you. Not like some.” And he picked up their notices with his teeth and placed them next to his.

Now that they had done Something Nice for Eeyore, Pooh and Piglet decided it would be a good time to take their leave. So they said their good-byes and continued on their way.

But as they walked along, they realized that they were not feeling any more comforted or encouraged than before. In fact, they were feeling very less. Pooh tried to think of an Encouraging Hum for Piglet, but all that came to his mind was a Hum he had caught from Eeyore, which went like this:

Oh, we’ll never find a Wak’ning,
No, not even if we try,
So we’ll just continue wondering
And never know quite why.

Oh, we’ll never find a Wak’ning,
Especially if we try,
So we’ll have to keep on wandering
Until—ha, ha—we die.

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