Taming the Mind

With Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

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mantragirl's picture

Whether I am bitter about a situation or not, DOESN'T CHANGE the SITUATION.....
....it only changes me and fills me with negativity...I try to change what I can ( which is basically, my thoughts, my attitude, only me...I can't change other people .what they do, say or think.. )......
I can act with integrity ( firmly , respectfully , from a centered place ) with people like your Ex ( or my daughter-in-law )..and then ..I put them on a " shelf " until tomorrow and get on with the other areas in my life ...there are many pieces of pie in my life...if I spend my time focusing on just one piece, I miss the joy in the others....
What you focus on ... expands..

robertomainetti's picture

thank you very much, i can use this, yes, very much, tank you

sds's picture

Listening to this teaching reminds me of listening to the Dalai Lama as they both share the same accent and manner of speaking. Rinpoche is also saying many of the things I have heard the Dalai Lama say.

I think the message is important and I wish I could fully embrace not thinking negative thoughts about those who are harming us, but the fact is I am currently struggling with my ex over payment of alimony and loss of all access to our young son who has been encouraged to despise me. I am heartbroken over losing my son and knowing that he does not want to have anything to do with me, even though he was previously very bonded with me. The struggle over money is quite complicated but basically my ex seems interested in destroying any financial security that I might otherwise have. I try to be spiritual about it and not be attached to having enough money to support myself, but it is hard. And it is hard not to feel bitter about my ex.

Stephen's picture

Wonderful teaching. Thank YOU very much Rinpoche.