Foundations of Pure Land

Week 6: Art and TraditionDharmavidya David Brazier

Welcome to our six-week online video course with Dharmavidya David Brazier, a psychotherapist and head of the Amida Order, an international Pure Land Buddhist community. With a background in both Soto Zen and Pure Land Buddhism, each week Brazier will be leading us through six foundational teachings of the Pure Land path.

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johnflack61's picture

Thank you for this teaching. As a performing artist, I often am left with the impression that my profession isn't considered to be "right livelihood" by many practitioners and certain teachers; that it is something that should be relinquished. Indeed, there is a rich tradition of Buddhist art in painting, sculpture, calligraphy, poetry: and a very conspicuous lack of Buddhist expression in the performing arts; dance, theatre, and music. I know first hand of the transformational power that the performing arts have in our lives, and often wonder why they seem to have been left out of many Buddhist traditions. You have inspired me to look further in to the practice of Pure Land.