Behind the scenes of the Summer 2011 cover shoot

Rachel Hiles

On a bright and windy April afternoon three Tricycle staff members met photographer Lisa Elmaleh on 106th Street and Riverside Drive on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. There, we conducted a 4 hour photo shoot of a 15-foot bronze statue of Shinran Shonin (the 12th-13th century Japanese Buddhist monk who founded Jodo Shinshu (Shin) Buddhism) outside the New York Buddhist Church.

The statue originally stood outside a park in Hiroshima, Japan. After surviving the atomic bombing of 1945, the bronze statue was sent to New York in 1955 as a symbol of world peace.

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106th Street and Riverside Drive, the home of the Shinran Shonin statueThe bronze statue is 15 feet tallA plaque beneath the statue Reverend Hoshu Y. Matsubayashi, resident minister of the NY Buddhist Church, looks on during set upThe camera used for the shootPhotographer Lisa Elmaleh takes her first photo of the dayLisa prepares the darkroom in the trunk of her carLisa develops the photographs on siteRev. Matsubayashi observes the Riverside Drive darkroomFabio Cutro, Tricycle's designer, watches as Lisa treats the tin plateThe first glimpses of the cover photoShinran Shonin appears on the tin plate mediumAfter they were developed on site, the tin plates were digitally scanned for the cover
ANDREWCOOPER24's picture

This is a wonderful look behind the scenes. It's one of my favorite covers, and being out here in Olympia, I appreciate getting a sense of how it was done. Thanks!

fabio's picture

nice photos!