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Awake Youth

Awake Youth Project, run by Brookly Zen Center in partnership with Brooklyn College Community Partnership, brings mindfulness and meditation programs to Brooklyn youth. Learn more here.

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Lauren T's picture

Wonderful. The Brooklyn Zen Center, and these kids, are doing great things for the world.

markkemark's picture

I enjoyed this very much...thank you!

maryelizabeth.sheehan's picture


denisesavage33's picture

Thank you... I love the calmness of the youth. Some of the time I have felt anger and stress that is overwhelming, from our young. It is very nice to know that they found a practice that will evolve and spread to other youth. This short film was very heartwarming. Thank you again.

dretalbot's picture

Beautiful. As a yoga and mindfulness teacher to youth in Toronto, Canada this serves as a great reminder of the importance of this work. Thank you for sharing your story.

stevevickery's picture

Thank you for sharing this video. I felt very inspired to hear what the teens had to say.
I think it is of critical importance to celebrate the young people in our culture and
to offer them support in moving through this confusing and often frightening world.

buddhasukha's picture

Very touching. Thank you Tricycle!

Danzen's picture

Thank you again Tricycle for bringing another thought provoking film.

hlbrenne's picture

beautiful. thank you for sharing.

iamkatia's picture

bring this program to Seattle! i know lots of street youth who would love this.

ebloustein's picture

Thank you so much for sharing this. I am deeply moved. I live in Brooklyn and I have been meditating daily for two years, mostly in the subway on the way to work, and I support these young people and the man who is leading this program.

Dominic Gomez's picture

Youth are powerful forces for changing society. “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. We need not wait to see what others do.” As Gandhi exemplified with his own life right efforts are critical.

lilianacrts's picture

Thank you...i shared it with my 15 year old daugther. I wish we could bring this project to South Florida. Thank you for sharing your teachings with our youth.

yourneighbor57's picture

That was great! I loved hearing the words of the teens. I'm looking forward to showing this to my 16 year-old daughter.