The Alchemist

A Profile of New York Artist Miya Ando

Read about Ando and see her work in the current issue.

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Winchester1234's picture

Truly unmatchable! Great piece of art. One should really appreciate with which she thought of this! I will put the same idea if she doesn't mind to create my own for write my essay papers and much more.

beatrice's picture

Beautiful film! Yes, a wonderful question.
I make cut and paste mandalas. They are, definitely, meditations for me, They are exercises in letting go because they are never perfect. It is always a surprise to see the results. I journal on the back of them or put inspirations that have come my way at the time. Art is a gateway into beauty and spaciousness. My name for God is MOPS, MYSTERY, ONENESS, PRESENCE, SPACIOUSNESS. It is so wonderful to have the means to BE at my finger tips.
Thanks you.

jespersr's picture

A lovely little film with great style. I did find it unsatisfying not to see the piece she was working on with the torch, however. A tease unfulfilled. There's teaching in that, no doubt, but is that subtle point one that the filmmakers intended?

nollm's picture

I think it was shown, it was briefly shown in a pan shot, the canvas on the wall....and I agree a lovely little film....

indigomoonbc's picture

Miya's work is beautiful! As an artist that works with fibre (a lot softer than metal) :) I understand very well what Miya is saying. My work is mindfulness and openness....meditation in motion :). I am also very grateful to see a short on an artist - thank you so much!

Dominic Gomez's picture

As an artist who practices Buddhism I understand Miya's work ethic. We are stewards of humanity's cultural heritage.

idaleung1's picture

She ends with the question all of us should be asking. Beautiful reflections.