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    The Dead Bird Elegy Paid Member

    Listen to the MP3 version of this story here. Most of us have our own ways of avoiding the idea of death, if not the actual event itself. But we also have ways of confronting death, usually in a sideways way, like Zombie movies or estate planning. Then there are the traditional Buddhist methods, such as meditating on the uncertainty of the time of death or hanging out with fresh corpses in a charnel ground. Me, I� More »
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    Family Dharma: The Joy of Generosity Paid Member

    Many years ago I learned that the Buddha taught ethical conduct as the necessary prerequisite for meditation practice. It made perfect sense. As my teacher Jack Kornfield says, “Can you imagine settling down on your cushion for a peaceful meditation session after a full day of killing, stealing, and lying?” Much later I discovered that the Buddha taught the practice of generosity first, as a foundation for establishing an ethical lifestyle. I marveled at the possibility that generosity might be the most important thing of all, the platform on which our actions, our meditation practice, and our spiritual journey rest. More »
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    Among Other Things Paid Member

    Read more by Martha Henry on tricycle.com The Centipede and I Keeping it from the Family The Blossoming Self Little Decisions Killing the Buddha Are you a Buddhist? Among Other Things Confessions of a Buddhist Book Junkie The Real End of Silence This January, in the bleak days of a New England winter, I was unemployed, mournfully alone, and having a bad hair day. It suddenly occurred to me that I could solve all of my problems by becoming a Buddhist nun.More »
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    Ask the Karma Queen Paid Member

    The Buddha said we could drive ourselves crazy speculating on how karma will play out -- Still, who can resist the urge to try and suss out the exact consequences of their behavior -- or other people's? More »